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Original ► Appel 16


Just Dari

All's End
Dec 15, 2005
Beyond the Final Destination
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The Climb Back - J.Cole said:
Everything come back around full circle
Why do lies sound pleasant, but the truth hurtful?
Everybody gotta cry once in a while
But how long will it take 'fore you smile?
>>Inspiration source<<

Appel 16

They could never be me, never peep what i've peeped​
never felt what i've felt but say to my face "whats that supposed to mean?"​
I be coming at them jokingly, but they get up in arms resultantly​
Got it backwards more importantly, burning bridges as they spoke to me​
At war with myself, at war with the world​
been feeling myself (not just) because of this girl​
not because I was blind, because she was too kind​
too 'fraid to tell me that everything wasn't fine​
Im getting much older, im getting more jaded​
my hand are swolen from all i've created​
I miss you dad, I miss you mom​
my heads above water, im keeping it calm​
I'm feeling myself, all these feelings in mind​
I'm filling the void that you both left behind​
And so did she, woefully, I'm picky about who I keep close to me​
but hopefully, I'll hope and see, if I can restore that hope in me​
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