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Annoyance's Blazing Summer Entry - Character of the Day [Vivi]



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Alright, so I've been working on this on and off for far too long, and I'm under the impression that a writer never really finishes their work, they just have deadlines. If I don't stop myself, I'll miss the deadline for this. So I'm posting the first part. I've created a second scene that continues it, and I still haven't decided on a good solid title, but I'd like to post it and go back to it later if possible.

This is an entry for Character of the Day. The character I wanted to focus on was Vivi, primarily in the universe of Kingdom Hearts as he didn't really have any spotlight on him that I felt he deserved. So I wrote up a scene I felt made him feel a little more important. At the very least, I wanted to give him purpose, much like the Final Fantasy VII and VIII characters have.

anyways here i'mma shut up and let you read and give me all the crap and critique away. i seriously need it, since i haven't actually posted ANY WRITING IN FIVE YEARS GOD KILL ME


Sora and his friends casually walked through the safe haven of Twilight Town, searching for any clues on the mysterious town, and anything that could help them on their journey. Jiminy sat patiently on the boy’s shoulder, scribbling away at his small journal, with all the information that they’ve collected thus far. Donald and Goofy followed closely behind, their large feet slapped on the ground loudly with each step. The town was quiet and relaxing, painted with a calming orange glow. The boy dropped his defenses easily in this town, and strode by with his hands resting behind his neck, occasionally brushing his spiky hair.

Passing by the shopping district, they rounded a corner into an alleyway and Donald quacked loudly in surprise, his tail feathers ruffled. The others stopped in their tracks and squinted towards the direction Donald was glaring at, now holding his staff in attack position. Whatever he saw now quickly hid behind stray garbage cans and lumber, loudly knocking a few down in the process. Jiminy gasped in Sora’s ear and dove into the hood of Sora’s jacket to hide. Donald turned to Sora and Goofy and pointed one feather up to his beak.

“Shhh!” he said as quietly as a duck could possibly sound.

“You think it’s a heartless?” Sora asked out loud, ignoring Donald’s angry stomping.

“I dunno,” Goofy responded, “I didn’t get a good look at ‘im.”

“Will you two be quiet? I know it was a Heartless!” Donald quacked back.

Jiminy clung onto Sora’s shoulders to hold himself up, “We should probably get closer to see, Sora.”

Sora nodded and they began to quietly creep towards the piles, glancing in every direction to make sure it wasn’t an ambush or a trap. He could hear Jiminy flipping through pages in his jacket hood, whispering to himself, “I thought this part of town was safe? Did I not pay attention? Oh dear.”

Sora wasn’t sure, but he led his friends on down the alley to confirm any suspicions. Soon enough, they reached the pile of wood, and whatever was hiding behind it was still there, he was sure of it. The creature would probably jump out soon enough and attack them; he readied the Keyblade, just in case.

But then it didn’t happen. Instead, they just heard quiet sniffs and cries. Sora raised his hand to his friends to hold them back so he could investigate. They of course ignored him, and they turned around the lumber pile peeking one by one. But what they saw, looked more like a child, half Sora’s height, in large clothes that didn’t fit them, and their entire head obscured by a very large ornate hat. The child’s back was turned to them, continuing to cry, shaking.

Sora put the Keyblade away, and softly spoke, “Hey, it’s alright, we aren’t gonna hurt you.”

The child jumped in surprise, most likely not aware of the four behind it. Slowly, it turned to them, but its face almost looked like it didn’t exist, and was completely black aside from two glowing yellow eyes. The child’s face made everyone jump back.

“I knew it was a Heartless!” Donald yelled, readying a spell.

“Nooo!” the child cried, backing against the wall. Slowly, their arms raised up to the group. “Stay back!”

“Did the Heartless just speak?” Goofy asked Sora. Donald stopped his spell momentarily, surprised.


Jiminy was almost excited. “This is strange, they’ve never used actual speech patterns before!”

Sora decided to move closer, but stepped directly on a broken twig on the ground, alerting the small creature in front of them.

“Don’t hurt me!”

A small, orange ball of energy now spiraled from the creature’s hands. The gang before him took a step back in surprise before the ball flew lopsided into the pile of wood beside it, soon making the brush and lumber catch fire in a quick blaze. The gang shouted and jumped back from the pile, readying their weapons in defense.

The creature itself ran towards the trio, away from the blaze, knocking past Sora, seemingly to run away. It was fast, but managed to trip on its baggy pants, falling to the ground, but scrambled back up to begin sprinting again.

“Stop!” Sora yelled, casting a quick spell from his Keyblade, and purple mist enveloped the creature. The creature stopped in place mid-run as the mist faded. Donald casted a strong ice spell towards the fire while he had the chance. Ice began melting away with the flame, slowly putting it out.

They slowly caught up with the still creature, carefully surrounding it, ready for anything. The creature shook in place.

“It’s strong, huh?” Goofy said.

“It’s trying to escape the spell, Sora, we have to attack it!” Donald loudly said. The creature seemed to start shaking more as Donald readied an ice spell.

Sora crossed his arms and furrowed his brows in deep thought. It only took a brief moment for him to release the spell. The creature immediately fell to the ground, face first.

“Sora! What are you doing?!” Donald jumped angrily in frustration.

“I don’t know, just go with it.”

He put his Keyblade away and walked up to the creature. It reacted again in fear, stumbling backwards away from Sora onto its backside and holding up its arms to cover its face. It began to cry again with small sniffs.

“Hey, are you okay?” Sora asked, holding his hand out to the creature.

“Don’t just ask it!” Donald was almost turning red with anger.

The creature looked up, eyes glowing, with no visible sign of tears, a mouth, ears, or anything. Just pitch black darkness and glowing yellow eyes, but they somehow still managed to look scared.

“Y-yes,” it muttered.

“It really did speak!” Jiminy jumped onto Sora’s shoulder to get a better look.

“I’m not an ‘it!’ I’m not a Heartless! I’m just a k-kid!”

“Sounds like something a Heartless would say!” Donald thumped his staff threateningly on his other wing.

“But, Donald, I thought they didn’t speak?” Goofy asked him. Donald grumbled and immediately became quiet.

“Well, if you’re a kid, what’s your name?” Sora softly asked, trying not to alarm it again.

“V-Vivi,” he stuttered.

“Why’d you attack us?” Sora tilted his head to get a better look at Vivi’s eyes.

“I didn’t want to! I was scared! You all cornered me and new people always think I’m those things you kept talking about. The Heartless? I don’t even know what they are but I know I’m not an enemy! I didn’t do anything wrong!” Vivi twisted his hat down and tried to hide his face again with it.

Sora stood up straight. “Well, you’re pretty strong, for a kid, Vivi. I’m impressed.”

“W-what? Really?” Vivi lifted his hat up to look at Sora.

“Yeah, you stood up to three people ganging up on you and even managed to almost break free from my spell earlier.”

“No one’s said that to me before. Seifer and everyone just calls me a coward, just a nobody,” Vivi looked down at his feet, and twiddled with his gloves.

“Why d’ya hang out with them if they’re mean to ya?” Goofy asked.

“Everyone else is scared of me. Seifer and everyone let me join them and I thought I’d become stronger being around them. They protect me, but…” he trailed off, staring at his hands.

“Poor kid,” Jiminy said with deep sympathy.

“Why don’t you hang with us for a while, Vivi?” Sora asked.

“What? You mean, I can join you guys?”

“Yeah! A strong magic user like you would be useful!” Sora grinned.

“Hey! I’m right here!” Donald remarked.

“A strong defensive magic user,” Sora corrected with a wink towards Donald. The duck wanted to oppose, but quickly decided not to.

“Yeah, you won’t attack everything that moves like Donald, here,” Goofy laughed heartedly with Sora and Jiminy.

Vivi looked down at the ground again, still as a statue as he gathered his thoughts. “I don’t know if I’d be much help, but I’d like to try,” he said affirmed with a solid nod, his hat sliding slightly forward. He instinctively grabbed it to firmly twist it back on.