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An Alternate Idea-A Final Fantasy character as a regular party member?


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Oct 20, 2011
So in light of all the Rebirth hype, and replaying the first part of the Remake, there has been an idea in my head for a while. We know that KH is generally considered to be a Disney/FF crossover to a degree, which has become a popular topic seeing as there were no FF characters in KH3 until ReMind. So I was thinking: What if there was a FF character that was included as one of Sora's companions along with Donald and Goofy?

We know that Sora offered Cloud to join them in CoM, and Auron asked if Sora needed a Guardian in KH2. So I got to thinking, what if these offers were actually accepted? For example, let's say in an alternate KH timeline, Cloud accepted. In KH1, Sora would offer Cloud a chance to come with him, and though Cloud initially would refuse, he would change his mind, realizing this might be a good chance to lead him to Sephiroth, he joins Sora's party. Thus, the party would now be Sora, Cloud, Donald and Goofy, or SCDG for short. Cloud would be searching for Sephiroth, the same way SDG would be looking for Riku, Kairi, and Mickey. The plot of KH1 would be mostly the same, except Cloud would be a regular member. So if you wanted to include a merman Cloud in a party with Ariel, you could do that, and so on. Then, toward the end of the game, Cloud would suddenly sense Sephiroth, and leave the group. This leads to Hollow Bastion, where Donald and Goofy would leave Sora for Riku. Then, during the confrontation with Riku, Cloud would suddenly reappear, realizing that he has come to value SDG as his companions. He would remain with Sora after this, then in the Coliseum, he finally meets Sephiroth. Like with KH2, Sephiroth would still be a superboss, but considered part of the canon story. Sora would help Cloud in the fight, and they would successfully defeat Sephiroth. Upon his defeat, Sephiroth would remark that Cloud was won, but he is not done just yet, and would disappear before Cloud can finish him off. Cloud resolves to find and defeat Sephiroth again, and remains by Sora's side for the rest of the game. The story for CoM would be the same, with Cloud sleeping in a pod along with the others. This leads to KH2, where mostly the plot would be the same, leading to the confrontation with Sephiroth toward the end. Sora would assist Cloud again, and possibly Tifa. Only this time Cloud manages to properly defeat Sephiroth, instead of the open end to the fight we saw. Sephiroth, slowly fading away, would remark to Cloud that as long as he is his darkness, he will never be a memory, echoing Advent Children, and then disappear into Cloud himself. Cloud would say that he can still feel Sephiroth's presence faintly, but Tifa encourages him that as long as he still has some light, he will be able to keep Sephiroth at bay. Cloud accepts, and remains at Sora's side till the end of the game. In the credits, we would see him properly reunite with the Radiant Garden gang, like we did in KH1. After this is tough, but for KH3, Cloud rejoins the party again to help SDG, and maybe later in the game, something could happen where Xehanort taps into Cloud's darkness, which would bring Sephiroth back again, but Cloud would defeat him again. I didn't really think this far, so that part is a bit rough.

So if you made it to the end, that is about what I can think of. Seeing as Cloud has made guest appearance in nearly every FF spinoff, maybe this might be overkill, but I thought maybe it would have added an interesting dynamic to SDG's party, and perhaps solved the no FF characters issue. Feel free to leave your thoughts.


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Nov 28, 2005
There's these games called Final Fantasy where that happens.

In other words: Square probably wouldn't see a reason for it in KH.