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About Sora's clothes during keyblade transformation

Sep 14, 2009
After a week of finishing the game, I so far noticed 6 clothes change for Sora during Keyblade transformation.

- Guardian Form
- Drive(?) Form (the blue one with stars. Not sure what it's called so I went by the Funko figure name)
- the red camouflage Form
- the green Form
- Rage Form
- the white Form (the one you get with Ultima keyblade)

Not sure if I'm missing anything so if I am, please tell me. Also, if anybody knows the name of the other colored forms, then I would really appreciate it if you can inform me too.

I've been trying to find more info on their clothes and an HD quality image of them, but so far there's only the Guardian Form. I notice that each form matches up with certain keyblades so I made some guess on what each form is supposed to represent.

- Guardian = Defense
- Blue = Magic
- Red = Power/Strength
- Green = Speed
- Rage = Darkness
- White Ultima = Light

Though I'm not 100% sure of this theory, but I thought it was interesting to think about. Wished there was some explanation to Sora's Anti/Rage Form. What's your guys thoughts?

Another thing, does anybody know if there're HD images of these forms? Has Nomura release them yet or are we gonna have to wait on those Art books? I want to make some fanart on these forms and also Lea, Isa, and Xion post-game clothes, but there's no good quality images and I have a hard time reading the ones in the ending credits.