A Naruto "Hunter-Nin" Rp. Interested? Details Inside.



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Oct 4, 2009
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So I've got an RP idea rolling about in my head, specifically, a Naruto RP. Instead of focusing on the regular Ninja of Genin, Chunin and Jonin and what have you, would anyone be interested in an RP that focuses on the Hunter-Nin? From trainees to experts and the various missions of hidden war, espionage and assassinations they go on? I'd go for a darker take on the Naruto series, hopefully getting some politically involved plot or something, if anyone would care to assist me in such. I don't wanna make this without something planned out though. I guess you could say it's an AU roleplay because Hunter-Nin not only hunt missing-nin but also embark on missions of sabotage, assassination and the like.

The RPers would probably be restricted to Hunter-Nin of a two villages to begin with that are in a "hidden war" so to speak, but depending on how the plot goes and how the moral stature of your character stands, they could either desert and become a Missing-Nin, fighting against their village, or they could stay and fight for their village in the shadows. This would probably be a multi-part Roleplay if people are interested enough where in time other positions would open up, such as regular Ninja and members of Black-Ops teams and the like.

Would anyone be interested in joining or assisting me in figuring out plot/templates/requirements and the like?