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Fanfiction ► A Long Night (Terra/Aqua friendship)

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Jan 31, 2008
Going to deliver Binks his sake
"What have I done to deserve this…"

One could hardly blame the one adorned by the Golden Emblem for asking the Forces that Be this question, even if him expecting an answer was taking it a bit too far. He had a good reason, though… at least if you asked him.

It was the dead of night; the lights in every window he could see outside his own were turned off already long ago, leaving the rooms' inhabitants to their nightly devices in the soothing presence of starlight-tainted Darkness. Turning an eye towards the living section of the massive building, all the way across the yard, he could tell his two partners were already out for the count as well. Lucky bastards, getting off easy…

A sigh left his lips as he glared down at the text book sprawled open in front of him under the light of the small desk-lamp, presenting before him scribbles written in ancient times which for all he knew and for all the good they had done him might as well have been gibberish; not one word connected to the other in a logical manner, at least not one he could make heads or tails of. Was that even in his own language?!

He caught himself a moment too late, fist already slammed against the desk. He was letting frustration get the better of him again, he knew, yet couldn't very well help it; it was a dance they dance too often, him and the accursed dance book, and the mass of pages seemed intent on stepping on his toes whenever it just could.

Whose bright idea was it he simply had to study Magic, anyway?!

Anxiety slipped away into a moderate sense of despair then as he leaned back in the chair, hands crossed behind his neck as he stared up at the blinking lantern above.
Right… small, seemingly irrelevant detail he seemed fond of forgetting was that he was still merely an Apprentice. Not one standing by his own strength alone, not one to choose his own path as long as he chose to remain where he was.

But what did learning Magic had to do with Wielding a Keyblade, anyway?!

Magic relies heavily on the Strength of one's Heart, the young man remembered with a groan, his Master's words booming in his ears even louder than they did that afternoon. Many can perform a measly trick of Light to fool one's Eyes, yet few can cast the spell and utilize even half of its potential. How much affect is generated, well… that is up to you, I suppose…

He had to fight back a swear word as he remembered the fond look the older man sent at his female companion, one which made the girl straighten up, a flattered blush decorating her cheeks, almost matching her suspenders which he never seemed capable of understanding. Whoever wore pink suspenders, anyway…

That there was the undeniable truth though, he had to admit with a small growl. For better or worse, when it came to Magic, Aqua was the star student amongst the three, with Ven always somehow managing to pull through just in time to be spared from extra practice to punishment chores.

Oh, how Terra wished it would've been the latter that time… He much preferred having to sweep through the entire manor instead of sitting there in the cramped library, fighting a hopeless staring-duel with something which, by definition, was capable of neither blinking nor laughing.

As it was, he was sooner to burn a hole through the paper with his glare than actually manage the spell presented to him.

How did Aqua manage it so easily, anyway?! Whenever he looked at her, it seemed as though with a wave of her hand, the girl could create whatever she so wished.

The only thing that happened when he tried doing it was the lantern almost fell off the desk, taking half the study supplies he had with it.

The night, apparently, was to be much, much longer than he had ever let himself dread.

…yet possibly not quite as boring as he let himself fear, apparently, as he realized that for the last few minutes he was effectively being watched. Damn his frustration for clouding his senses!

The instant the lantern was safely balanced on the desk was the instant he pushed himself to his feet, all but spinning around to catch what might've been the door closing with the greatest gentleness he had ever seen a door closed with.

Did he feel sheepish or what, he growled and reached to rub his eyes with the base of his palms. He's been staring at the damned Hexagram for too long in this lousy lighting… his eyes were no doubt playing tricks on him…

…Or were they, he had to wonder, hearing the rushed footsteps of someone fleeing down the hall. He threw the door open, head whipping right and then left in time to catch a flicker of white disappear behind the corner.

…no, she… she wouldn't have…

And yet she undoubtfully did, he knew as the scent hit his nostrils before he ever managed to look down at the steaming mug sitting comfortably on a small tray next to two cupcakes and a rolled up piece of scroll.

…black, no milk, hardly any sugar and all the crushed beans she could shove in there with them still melting in the hot liquid.

Nutritions, and from the color, those were probably blueberries. She knew he couldn't stand chocolate…

And then, the last bit… the one that made him both frown and smile as he picked up the tray from the floor.
There could only be one explanation to the small note, scribbled neatly in the Magician-girl's fine hand-writing.

A cheat sheet.

Well, he thought as he took one of the cupcakes and bit down on it happily on his way back to his chair; their Master always did say how Friends were also part of one's strength…

Take that, you impossible-to-understand, evil text book! He didn't really need you! Which meant that maybe, just maybe…

That night wouldn't be so long after all.


Whoever wore pink suspenders, anyway…
All the sexy people of course...

I loved it so much, it was so cute, especially the ending. God, how do you do it? Everything you write i love to pieces. Grr.


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Aug 4, 2008
I love VAT more and more every time you write something like this. <3
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