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Fanfiction ► A Day in the Life of a Mika

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Shi-Seventh Kira

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May 31, 2007
So starts the fanfiction! Read and enjoy!
It has been two years since the war between the Empire and the returners. Magic no longer existed and for a while, things were kept peaceful. But one day, a girl wanders to the doors of Figaro Castle. With her comes the rebirth of magic. Taking refuge at the castle, the rebels start to realize that the War of the Magi may not be over. But as we all know, things are never that simple. The only way for magic to be used and forges is to have Raine fall in love… A girl… a staggering memory… and a story. Each of these things played their role in this story. What started out as a regular story became something else. Something more advanced. As I tell you the story, please try and believe me. This really did happen. At least, as far as I know. So believe me when I say that things aren’t as simple as they appear… It all started on that day…

A knock on the door? What else was new? Probably some villager anyway. Terra looked back out her room door to see Celes running down the hallway. Fun.

“Hello Terra,” Celes said in a rush. Celes had that urgent look on her face again. Something probably happened…

“What is it now Celes?” Terra asked. Celes looked around quickly before coming closer.

“Yeah, um… how should I put this…? A pink haired girl just appeared in front of Figaro Castle.” Celes stammered.

“Appeared?” Terra’s eyebrow raised. Why wouldn’t Celes get to the point?

“Um, no! I didn’t mean that! I meant that uhhh… she just knocked now and we didn’t see her come and uh… Edgar answered the door so…” Celes stuttered through her sentence.

“Damn! The pervert answered the door?!” Terra ran ahead before Celes could stop her and jumped down the flight of stairs. (That’s very dangerous…) As she skidded to a stop, she heard Edgar’s voice. Ha. Just as she suspected. Terra broke down the door (gah, violent!) and stepped into the room. Edgar immediately fell back.

“Oh, Terra! Didn’t see you come. H-How’s everything?” Edgar seemed flustered. The girl looked up at her but didn’t say anything. The girl had pink hair, just like Celes had said. She also had blue eyes. The same color as Terra’s… The girl also wore a cloak around her. But it probably wasn’t much good now. It was all tattered and ripped. In short, it looked like she had gone through hell. Her clothes were in ruins. What could have done this? Well, there was only one way for Terra to find out.

“Hello, my name is Terra. Don’t mind the pervert, he’s not human. What’s your name?” Terra asked trying her hand at being genuinely nice to the strange girl. The girl looked up at her with blank eyes and didn’t utter a word. Completely blank… Her mouth seemed to open but then she closed it. What was up with her?!

“Terra, I was just getting to that. She’s apparently not talking—“ Terra punched Edgar and he fell against the wall.

“Shut up you pervert.” Terra turned back to the girl. She was staring at the floor, apparently out of it. Terra wiped her green hair out of her face and studied the girl. Why was this seeming to be so familiar? She was acting like… Terra stood up and looked around. Edgar was going to be no help being that she had just knocked him out. Hm.

“Terra! Why is the pervert unconscious? Did he do anything weird? Or was he just himself? Ah, Terra, there’s dirt on your shoe.” Without looking in the direction of the voice, Terra instinctively knew it was Relm.

“Nice to see you too Relm.” Terra greeted her. Relm smiled and skipped over. The girl was so bouncy…

“Well, what’s—WHO’S THAT? WOW! HER HAIR’S PINK! NO ONE HAS PINK HAIR HERE! IS SHE A MODEL? CAN I PAINT HER?” Relm exclaimed. Terra covered her ears and waited for Relm to stop speaking.

“You might want to lower the volume and no, she isn’t a model. She just came to the doors actually. Do you see anything wrong with her?” Terra asked Relm while eyeing the girl.

“Other than the fact that she doesn’t speak? Er, well, there’s something on her head.” Relm pointed out kindly.

“What?” Terra looked but couldn’t see anything, God help her. As Terra moved closer, she heard something move. She and Relm looked to the wall to see Edgar rousing. This was just what they needed…

“Terra, my head hurts. Why did you hit me?” Edgar asked with a restrained voice.

“Because you’re a pervert, that’s why! It’s reason enough!” Terra growled at him. Relm sighed and proceeded to throw paintbrushes at Edgar to improve her aim.

“Well, OW, that’s not, OW, very nice of, OW OW OW, you.” Edgar finished while wincing. Relm was hitting her mark and Terra inwardly smiled.

“See if I care.” Terra shrugged and looked back to the girl.

“Well, I care! It’s my health!” Edgar strode over and stood in front of her.

“PERVERT!” Terra aimed punch #2 at him but Edgar dodges it at the last second. Terra hit the girl’s head by mistake. Terra was shocked and so was Relm. Relm was so shocked she actually stopped throwing the paintbrushes. Edgar was doing a victory dance which was, of course, cut short by Terra. The girl had fallen to the ground and she was unconscious.

“Darn it!” Terra scowled.

“Oh, you knocked it off! Yipee for you! NOW I CAN GO DRAW WHATEVER I WANT! KYAAAAAH!!!!” Relm bounced off up the stairs with Terra standing there, looking at her in disbelief. Terra turned back and saw something glinting on the floor. As Terra picked it up, the girl moaned. Yes, there were going to be a lot of questions when she woke up…

There you have it. The first chapter all done and completed. If you like it, I’ll post more!! :thumbsup:
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