6/1 Union χ JP Update: <SB> KHIII Roxas, Boards, Monthly Updates



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KHIII Special Draw from 6/1~6/17 features KHIII Roxas! This voiced medal can get up to 30000 ATK and has both guard nullifying and reflect capabilities.

There are 2 banners:

Standard: Each pull guarantees 2 ★6,7 KHIII medals, 10 Limited and regular VIP coins and 1 Broom Servant. Get 1 medal that can be upgraded to SB+ within 10 pulls
Premium: Each pull guarantees 4 ★6,7 KHIII medals with increased pull rates for medals, 10 Limited and regular VIP coins and 1 Mickey & Brooms. KHIII Roxas is a 10 pull mercy

Use the Limited VIP coins to get trait medals for KHIII Roxas.

KHIII Roxas [All Targets | 3 SP cost | 200~280%] 15% chance of nullifying Guard Up skills and reflects 15% of Power-type attacks. Inflicts 5 hits that deal more damage when set later in the deck

(AOE) Super Burst: For 1 turn: Decreases enemy Upright DEF-10 and Power DEF-10. Increases Guilt+200% (250% if SB+). Activates before the 3rd slot in PVP

Special Draw is held for 6/1 only! Players are limited to 1 pull that guarantees 1 Tier8,9 medal that can be upgraded to SB+. Bonus 1 Tier9 Meow Wow SP&NM, 10 Limited and regular VIP coins.

KHUX has almost achieved 10 million downloads! To commemorate this occasion, a free daily draw will be held from 6/1~6/30. There's also a Premium banner that allows you to make an additional pull.

Tier9 Meow Wow SP&NM are 5-pull mercies.

The number of pulls from the Standard and Premium banners are counted separately.

Players will also receive powerful boosts throughout the month, which will have a +200% boost effect on the target medals and strengthen abilities 3-fold. Targeted medals include new medals appearing in draws in June as well as reprinted medals in Premium Quests.

June 2019 coliseum board features Fungus's glasses, which grants Rare Enemy Luck+2. Ranking rewards offer a new skill: Lux & ATK XL VII 100%

Limited Missions for June 2019 offer Alpacastar [Green] and Princess Tiara pet parts! Obtain lots of solo lux to get them! 

Objective Reward
Get 4,000,000 Lux Alpacastar [Green] Body
Get 20,000,000 Lux Alpacastar [Green] Legs
Get 100,000,000 Lux Alpacastar [Green] Tail
Get 500,000,000 Lux Alpacastar [Green] Head
Get 2,500,000,000 Lux Alpacastar [Green] Ears
Get 10,000,000,000 Lux Princess Tiara

Monthly Gem Quest is updated! Clear the objectives to earn 1 Sword Gem, 2 Wing Gems and 2 Mystic Gems.

A new set of trait boards will be available from 6/1~6/19! These boards cost 1500 jewels each and include 3 of a specific trait medal, 3 Chip & Dale SP and an AB2 & ATK XL IV 100% skill.

Trait boards are available for:

Trait Medal Target Medal
(1) Trait Medal #82 KHIII Sora
(2) Trait Medal #81 KHIII Riku
(3) Trait Medal #83 KHIII Young Xehanort
(4) Trait Medal #85 KHIII Vanitas
(5) Trait Medal #105 KHIII Anti-Aqua
(6) Trait Medal #107 KHIII Boy in White
(7) Trait Medal #108 KHIII Boy in Black

Gem boards are available from 6/1~6/30 for 3500 jewels each! Each board contains 20 of a specific type of gem.

Board Name Contents
Super Strengthening Set 1 Sword Gem Sword Gem x 20
Super Strengthening Set 2 Sword Gem Sword Gem x 20


Board Name Contents
Super Strengthening Set 1 Wing Gem Wing Gem x 20
Super Strengthening Set 2 Wing Gem Wing Gem x 20


Board Name Contents
Super Strengthening Set 1 Mystic Gem Mystic  Gem x 20
Super Strengthening Set 2 Mystic Gem Mystic Gem x 20

2 skill boards are also available from 6/1~6/12 for 2000 jewels each.

Skill Board A
ATK XL VI 100% Lux & ATK XL V 100%
Guard Up XL II 100% Sleep EX II 100%
AB2 & ATK XL V 100%  


Skill Board B
AB0 & ATK XL V 100% AB1 & ATK XL IV 100%
AB2 & ATK XL V 100% AB0 & ATK XL IV 100%
Guard Up XL II 100%  

Challenge new Heartless in the Dark Corridor Mission from 6/1~6/10 to earn an avatar title, Sword Gem, Chip and Dale medals.

Raid Event is updated for 6/1~6/9! Defeat the Darkside subspecies to earn coins and redeem rewards like Broom Servant and Magic Mirror medals.