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5 years



scared of any fandom I'm part of
Apr 6, 2016
My account has existed for 5 years now. I may not always be on this account, but I should at least be on it on the day of its creation. The day that I first exposed myself to other individuals around the world. Honestly, I believe I was way too young to have joined, but the temptation of meeting new people led me here. Of course, given my young age I had acted in ways that I'd wish to forget, and if anyone shares the memory then I do so apologize for how I acted back then. Moving on from that, I have taken time off here to pursue many things in my life, and deal with troubling matters that last year had cursed us all with. This year I'm starting off better than the last, and I hope it is for everyone else. I may not always be on here, but I still think fondly of what times I did spend here with other people. Indeed, nothing is like before. I'm glad to still be interacting with some of the members from here, I'm very thankful for their kindness and love. I hope that eventually I can do more, but as of now I want to continue to limit my social media involvement and focus more on myself and my future plans. I don't know what else to really add to this, but Happy 5th Anniversary to this account of mine, and I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. ❤️