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4/1 Union χ JP Update: SB++ KHIII Roxas, Monthly Updates



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App Update maintenance will be held on 4/2 from 11:00~14:00 JST.

Global Version 4th Anniversary Countdown is held from 4/2~4/6! Clear the challenges in this daily event to get gems!

Chip & Dale Birthday Commemorative Event is held from 4/2~4/13! Clear the challenges to get new "I like acorns" and "Chipmunk" titles, as well as enhancement medals like Chip & Dale SP Ver, Chip and Dale.

Chip and Dale avatar boards are available from 4/2~4/13 for 1500 jewels each!

[Reprint] M_KH Chip costume
Magic Mirror★6 x 5 Mickey & Broom Servants★6 x 1
Huey & Dewey & Louie★6 x 4 Cid5★6 x 4
M_KH Chip costume x 1 M_KH Chip goggles x 1
M_KH Chip tail x 1 M_KH Chip tools x 1
M_KH Chip gloves x 1 M_KH Chip Style x 1


[Reprint] L_KH Dale costume
Magic Mirror★6 x 5 Mickey & Broom Servants★6 x 1
Huey & Dewey & Louie★6 x 4 Cid5★6 x 4
L_KH Dale costume x 1 L_KH Dale goggles x 1
L_KH Dale tail x 1 L_KH Dale tools x 1
L_KH Dale gloves x 1 L_KH Dale Style x 1

KHIII Special Draw from 4/1~4/13 features SB++ KHIII Roxas! Each pull guarantees 3 ★6 or 7 KHIII medals, 1 trait medal, 2 Mystic Gems and 10 L/R VIP coins. Get SB++ KHIII Roxas within 5 pulls!

SB++ KHIII Roxas [All Targets | 4 SP cost | T10] For 1 turn: Increases Magic Medal ATK+2500, Upright/General/Magic ATK+15 and Guilt+200%, decreases enemy Upright/General/Magic DEF-15. Raises Counter+1, inflicts 4 hits that deal more damage with more HP

(AOE) Super Burst: For 1 turn: Increases Magic Medal ATK+5000, Upright ATK+15 and Guilt+300%, decreases enemy Upright DEF-15. Activates before the 1st slot in PVP.

Organization XIII Reprinted Avatar Event is held from 4/1~4/30! Clear the challenges to get avatars of the Organization XIII members and a special title, as well as Chip and Dale medals.

imgXemnas imgXigbar
imgXaldin imgVexen
imgLexaeus imgZexion
imgSaix imgAxel
imgDemyx imgLuxord
imgMarluxia imgLarxene
imgOrganization XIII Replica Coat (Hooded) imgXion



Vanquish Titan from 4/1~4/12! Clear the challenges to get Tier7~10 Upright Subslot Medals and the "Giant that Commands the Earth" title. 

Coliseum Board for April 2020 features the KHIII Riku Balloon (Drop Luck+3). Top players will also receive a new skill: AB0 & ATK XL IX 100%.

Limited Missions for April 2020 offer Monstar Green pet parts! Obtain lots of solo lux to get them! 

Objective Reward
Get 4,000,000 Lux Monstar Green Head
Get 100,000,000 Lux Monstar Green Ears
Get 500,000,000 Lux Monstar Green Body
Get 2,500,000,000 Lux Monstar Green Legs
Get 10,000,000,000 Lux Monstar Green Tail

Monthly Gem Quest is updated! Clear the objectives to earn up to 30 Sword Gems, 30 Wing Gems and 30 Mystic Gems, as well as Chip and Dale medals!

Raid Event is updated for 4/1~4/5! Defeat the Purple Gummi Hound to earn coins and redeem rewards like Broom Servant and Magic Mirror medals.

Bonus Time is held from 12:00~12:59 and 22:00~22:59 JST, during which AP costs 0 and players will obtain more Lux.

Here's the event schedule for the rest of April:


[Guerilla Event] One day-only guerilla events will be held four times throughout the month!

4/2 [Main Quest Update]
[Chip & Dale Birthday Commemorative Event]
[Global Version 4th Anniversary Countdown Event] Held daily!
4/4 [Quest Added to the Chasm of Challenges]
4/5 [Spirit Part Reprint Event] Here's your chance to get missing parts!
[Keyblade Challenge] Utilize all of your Keyblades and fight!
4/7 [Global Version 4th Anniversary!]
Hades Cup, Quiz Event, Organization XIII Battle Event, PVP Luxury Reward Week, and much more!
In addition, but a 4th Anniversary Event where you can get event medals and Luxury Campaign will be held.
More details to be announced on the day of!
4/10 [3 Day Limited Union Challenge]
[Reprinted Scenario Event]
4/11 [Critical Event]
4/13 [Lux Ranking Luxury Reward Week] It's the Global Version 4th Anniversary Cup! Get up to 3000 jewels and 90 gems!

[Huey & Dewey & Louie Birthday Commemorative Event]

4/16 [The Great Banishment Event] Receive rewards based on how many people achieve the goal!
4/17 [Keyblade enhancement Event] Obtain Boosts!
[High Score [Spring Cup]]
4/19 [BIG Bonus Challenge] Get up to 5000 jewels!
Organization XIII Battle Event - Second Half
4/20 [Union Cross Luxury Reward Week]

[5th Fastest King Decisive Battle]


[Time Mission] Defeat all targets that appear only for a limited time! Rare enemies will also appear!

Late April [Main Quest, Proud Mode updates]

Flynn and Rapunzel avatars return from 4/1~4/12 for 1500 jewels each! Both come with the Frying Pan accessory, which grants Rare Enemy Luck+4.

Flynn costume
(Lux & ATK XL V) x 1
(AB1 & ATK XL V 100%) x 1
(ABPrize & ATK XL VI) x 1
Mickey & Broom Servants★6 x 1
Wing Gem x 1 Chip★6 x 2
Dale★6 x 2 Huey & Dewey & Louie★6 x 5
Cid5★6 x 1 Flynn costume x 1
Flynn Style x 1 Frying Pan x 1


Rapunzel costume
(Lux & ATK XL V) x 1
(AB1 & ATK XL V 100%) x 1
(ABPrize & ATK XL VI) x 1
Mickey & Broom Servants★6 x 1
Wing Gem x 1 Chip★6 x 2
Dale★6 x 2 Huey & Dewey & Louie★6 x 5
Cid5★6 x 1 Rapunzel costume x 1
Rapunzel Style x 1 Frying Pan x 1
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