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  • Hello everybody! We have tons of new awards for the new year that can be requested through our Awards System thanks to Antifa Lockhart! Some are limited-time awards so go claim them before they are gone forever...


12/21 Union χ JP Update: SB++ Stained Glass #14, Raid + Rankings, BIG Bonus Challenge



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Nov 1, 2009
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Union Cross is updated for 12/22~12/27! Clear quests to earn coins and get up to 5 Christmas Draw Tickets and the Mickey Snow Headband for pets.

Premium Quests for 12/21~12/27:

Purchasing the Bonus Jewel Pack will give you access to a free draw. Players are limited to 1 pull per day, 3 pulls max, which guarantees 1 of the following medals and comes with 1 bonus Wing Gem:

SB++ Master Xehanort
SB++ KHIII Kairi
SB++ Zexion Illustrated Ver
SB++ Axel Art Ver
SB++ Roxas Art Ver
SB++ Xion Final Form Ver
SB++ Sora & Riku KHII Illustrated
SB++ Kairi KH Illustrated Ver
SB++ Key Art #3
SB++ Xemnas Illustrated Ver

SB++ Xion Illustrated Ver x 1, trait medal x 8

Snowman Chirithy (Rare Enemy Luck+4)

Christmas Draw Ticket x 20

New Skill: Lux2 & AB1 & ATK XL VII 100%

Beautiful Gem x 1

Material Quest

Purchasing the bonus jewel pack will allow players to gain access to additional trait deals in the Moogle Shop.

Ground Enemy Defense-70% 100 jewels each
(No limit)
Aerial Enemy Defense-70%
Raid Damage+50%
Extra Attack 50%
Attack Boost+1500

End-of-Year sale is held from 12/21~1/3! Receive additional jewels with your first purchase of Jewel Pack C~F.

This bonus content will be distributed to present boxes on 1/7 at 11:00 JST.

Jewel Pack Bonus Content
Jewel Pack C Normal Bonus: +600 jewels
Campaign Bonus: +300 jewels
Jewel Pack D Normal Bonus: +1250 jewels
Campaign Bonus: +600 jewels
Jewel Pack E Normal Bonus: +2700 jewels
Campaign Bonus: +1250 jewels
Jewel Pack F Normal Bonus: +6800 jewels
Campaign Bonus: +3200 jewels

SB++ Special Draw is held from 12/21~12/31! Each pull guarantees 3 SB+ or higher medals, 3 Mystic Gems and 10 L/R VIP coins. Get one of the following medals within 5 pulls:

SB++ Vanitas Remnant
SB++ Axel
SB++ KH Stained Glass #14 (NEW)

SB++ KH Stained Glass #14 [1 Target | 3 SP cost | T10] For 1 turn: Increases All Medal ATK+2000. Has a 30% chance of piercing Guard. Copies the ability of the following medal, fails if none exists in that position.

(AOE) Super Burst: For 1 turn: Increases All Medal ATK+14000, Upright/General/PSM ATK+15 and Guilt+320%, decreases enemy Upright/General/PSM DEF-15. Pierces Guard. Activates before the 1st slot in PVP

Hooded Santa avatars return from 12/21~12/31 for 1500 jewels each.

Hooded Santa
Scrooge ★6 
(AB1 & ATK XL VIII 100%) x 1
Scrooge ★6 
(AB2 & ATK XL VIII 100%) x 1
Scrooge ★6 
(Paralyze EX II 100%) x 1
Sword Gem x 1
Mickey & Broom Servants ★6 x 2 Chip★6 x 2
Dale★6 x 2 Huey & Dewey & Louie ★6 x 4
Cid10 ★6 x 1 Hooded Santa x 1
Hooded Santa hat x 1 Hooded Santa brooch x 1 
Hooded Santa gloves x 1  

From 12/21~12/27, Party Lux Rankings offer up to 3000 jewels, Head Riding Axel accessory (Critical Luck+5) and a special title.

Solo Lux Rankings offer the following:

  • 10 Christmas Draw Tickets
  • 30 Sword/Wing/Mystic Gems each
  • 1 Beautiful Gem

BIG Bonus Challenge is held from 12/21~12/31! Clear the challenges to get up to 5000 jewels and 5 Christmas Draw Tickets.

Quest No. Rewards
1 Jewel x 500
Christmas Draw Ticket x 1
Avatar Coin x 10
2 Jewel x 500
Huey & Dewey & Louie★6 x 10
Avatar Coin x 10
3 Jewel x 600
Christmas Draw Ticket x 1
Avatar Coin x 10
4 Jewel x 700
Dale★6 x 5
Avatar Coin x 10
5 Jewel x 800
Christmas Draw Ticket x 1
Avatar Coin x 10
6 Jewel x 900
Chip★6 x 5
Avatar Coin x 10
7 Jewel x 1000
Christmas Draw Ticket x 1
Avatar Coin x 10
? Christmas Draw Ticket x 1
Mickey & Broom Servants★6 x 1
Avatar Coin x 10

Raid Event is updated for 12/21~12/27! Defeat a new Heartless to earn coins and get the Head Riding Axel pet part, Christmas Draw Tickets and jewels!

Organization XIII Union Cross will be held on 12/21 only! Defeat Xaldin to get Cross coins and 10 Christmas Draw Tickets.

Daily Strengthening Material Event is held from 12/21~12/27. Clear the challenges every day to get various strengthening medals.

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