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1/10 Union χ JP Update: SB++ KH Sephiroth DFF, Daily Event



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Dissidia Special Draw from 1/10~1/17 features SB++ KH Sephiroth DFF Ver! Each pull guarantees 3 ★6 or 7 KHIII medals, 1 trait medal, 2 Sword Gems and 10 L/R VIP coins. Get SB++ KH Sephiroth DFF Ver within 10 pulls!

SB++ KH Sephiroth DFF Ver [All Targets | 4 SP cost | T10] For 1 turn: Increases Power Medal ATK+2500, Reverse/General/Power ATK+15 and Guilt+200%, decreases enemy Reverse/General/Power DEF-15. Inflicts 3 hits that deal more damage with more HP and has a 30% chance of piercing Guard skills

(AOE)Super Burst: For 1 turn: Increases Power Medal ATK+5000, Reverse ATK+15 and Guilt+300%, decreases enemy Reverse DEF-15. Activates before the 1st slot in PVP

Vanquish the Heartless in a new daily event from 1/10~1/21! There will be 3 quests every day; clear the challenges to earn up to 108 gems!

The breakdown of rewards is as follows:

Sword Gem x 34
Wing Gem x 34
Mystic Gem x 34
Sun Gem x 4
Moon Gem x 4