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  • Do you like to read books? Watch movies? Play videogames? Listen to music? If so, what's your, say, up to 10 favorites of those four sorts of entertainment categories?

    Open up Microsoft Word and just type every single thing that comes to mind; don't plan anything, just type everything out as it flows from your mind - if you don't have Microsoft Word, just type it in a PM to me on here. Everything. Then I want you to go through and read it. Check it for spelling errors in words. Then PM it to me when you is ready.

    From there we will begin with first lesson/lecture, and a relatively simple homework (that can also be relatively complex) that the due date will be give or take three or so months from the day I assign and send it to you, because real life is everywhere and people get busy.
    I just need an example of your best scribbleys so I can assess, and we can begin establishing a good foundation for your RP doodleys.
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