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  • I remember playing Ocarina of Time. I love that game! And Majora's Mask, even though the moon scares me. o.o

    I have Skyward Sword too. I probably mentioned Zelda enough already, but she's so pretty in that game. It would be awesome to play as her like that in SSB4. ^^
    Oh yeah! That's exciting. xD

    I think if Zelda's there, she might look like how she looks in Skyward Sword. ^^

    That reminds me, do you have any Zelda games? o3o
    Zelda is my favorite. And Peach, Kirby and Zero Suit Samus. Mario is my best character, I think. I seem to be good at using him. Though I don't use him that much. xD

    I love Mario Party 5! I want to play it again. *w*
    Who do you usually use in Brawl? Paper Mario? Starfox 64? Super Mario 3? I love these games! Especially Paper Mario. I'm recently looking at Mario Party now. Mario Party 2 is my favorite. xD

    I'm the same. My family had Nintendo 64 games already. ^^
    Wow! That is a lot! That reminds me of the games I forgot. xD

    The Sonic Mega genisis collection, Sonic and Mario at the Olympic games; Bejing, Vancouver and London. Sonic is also in Brawl, which I have. xD

    Ok, I think that's all the Sonic games I have. Lol. So what are your other favorite games? ^^
    What Sonic games you have? I only played 1 and 2, Sonic and Knuckles 2, Sonic Adventure 1, Sonic heroes, and Sonic Generations. ^^
    Hi! I noticed you were on my page! I don't mind saying hi, also I like meeting someone new. I'm Miki, nice to meet you. ^^
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