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Recent content by VentusVictory

  1. VentusVictory

    Birth by Sleep MF Fight Music - "Dark Impetus"

    Especially the first 30 seconds! (the only bit I heard before I died most of the time)
  2. VentusVictory

    BBS more than likely to be on PSN soon...

    Re: BBS more than likely to be on PSN now... Because then my purchase of a refurbished PS2 would have been in vain!
  3. VentusVictory

    Just got the game!

    Lucky! I'll probably have to wait til summer or x-mas, but at least I have Pokemon White and Dissidia 012 and FFXIII to hold me over until then. I might cave midsummer though!
  4. VentusVictory

    Chances of One Giving-Up During the Exam?

    Re: Chances of One Tossing the Exam? I think they'd only give it up if Kairi or someone else's life was hanging in the balance. By the way Ruran, I know the story behind your sig; It all took place midway through KH2: Axel wanted Roxas to exist again, so he tricked Sora into playing Wii...
  5. VentusVictory

    Sora vs. Aqua

    I forgot about the whole Ven/Terra hope thing. Hey, that shows that she has hope in the darkest of places, which is a step up from just surviving. Yu-gi-oh joke, but was it said that Red Eyes (the Heartless, not Joey's signature card) was related to Xehanort?
  6. VentusVictory

    Sora vs. Aqua

    Touche, but even surviving the Dark Realm for 5 minutes is a feat. Can you imagine being in a world where there is no light, with dark creatures out to kill you, and without any hope of return. Just the thought of her not being suicidal shows her strength. Oh, and she beat Red Eyes Black...
  7. VentusVictory

    Chances of One Giving-Up During the Exam?

    Re: Chances of One Tossing the Exam? Tossing the exam wouldn't make sense. 1. It is just a qualification to be known as Keyblade Master, so who would pass it up. 2. Eraqus said that although Aqua and Terra will fight each other, both could possibly become masters, not just the winner. If...
  8. VentusVictory

    Sora vs. Aqua

    Aqua had years of/lots of training, is adept at high leveled magic, and defeated Vanitas (pure darkness) and Master Xehanort (very dark). She survived in the Dark Realm for 10 years, and... What can Sora do? Train with a wooden sword during his childhood and suddenly pick up a keyblade and...
  9. VentusVictory

    YYEEESS!!!!!! Its a good game!

    Come on, isn't anyone giving Days some love? ROXAS ALL THE WAY!
  10. VentusVictory

    Strange, but effective way to beat Mystereous Figure

    I finally beat MF last night! I couldn't beat him back in November and took a break until yesterday. I Googled "easy ways to beat MF," but all that most people said was "Thunder Surge," "Don't equip abilities," and "Mash [ ]!" Then I found it. Someone recommended using "Unison Rush" to...
  11. VentusVictory

    MF broke my PSP

    YES!!! Oops, sorry, not about you. I BEAT MF TODAY! I just posted a thread detailing how I did, and the thing is that I wound up button mashing less than using other methods and the match only lasted ~3 min. Sucks about your PSP, but when I was vsing the final Vanitas in Ven's story, my...
  12. VentusVictory

    SE Customer Support

    I'm not exactly sure where this goes, so I'll give this a shot. I just emailed Square Enix customer support for information about one of their upcoming games, and when I sent the email I got customer # 1000009. Yikes, I hope that's not the number of people that have to be answered before me!
  13. VentusVictory

    Ventus glitch?

    What difficulty are you playing? I think that MF is only versable in Stardard+, so if you are playing Beginner that might be the problem.
  14. VentusVictory


    Re: Wow, so soon. With Re:coded coming out and me playing my new FFXIII, I completely forgot about BBSFM. I'm not going to get it, but I'll be watching the Secret Episode on Youtube!
  15. VentusVictory

    Birth by Sleep Final Mix TGS Info (Will have BRAND NEW content, January 2011)

    Would it really be so hard for Square Enix to add BBS Downloadable Content Pack to the PS network that gives it the Final Mix extras? Then again, there is that whole Disney PSN thing...