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    My my my, first went from Grandma's basement, to Mother's basement, to hole? Man, I sure am moving up the ladder.
    uh belgium and until i get a house set up for the three years the militariy has stuck my dad and my family here things are kinda stressy. Once school starts things will move faster though. How was italy?
    Yeah, I've pretty much just stuck with Healing Tonics and Painkillers the whole way through. You have been kinda making Armageddon sound pretty hard, but it's making me look forward to it. Sounds like fun.
    Yeah, I love Overload. I never did get around to playing with Shadow Ally though. I actually haven't used any Unlimited POW yet either.
    Well, I imagine that phozon attacks get stronger the higher the level. I'm pretty sure that a Phozon Blast dealt more damage to Odette after I leveled up some then my first try. As for HP, well, you'd still get more HP. It's probably not really needed, but the ability to crush bosses with such ease is pretty nice.
    Haha I'll have to be sure to keep all that in mind.

    Also, is 40 the highest level you can get for each character's Psypher and HP? If so, I've just about hit the level cap with Gwendolyn; I had her at 36 and 39 by the end of her book.
    Yeah, I don't have Elixirs yet and I only just got the recipe for Unlimited POW not too long ago. I kinda figured Healing Tonics would be useless after a while once I got past 1000 HP and realized that even normal enemies were dealing enough blows to make them less useful than they had been.

    But yeah, I don't quite know why Odette gave me so much trouble before. I ended up only using Overload, one swig of a Painkiller and Healing Tonic (the latter as a just in case measure I probably didn't need), two Phozon Blasts and just general comboing. I guess the extra levels I gained backtracking and better equipment did the job. Now I'm in Cornelius' book and, despite being a Pooka, it's not as lame playing as him as I had expected. His spin attack is pretty fun to use too.
    So I beat Gwendolyn's book about a half hour ago. I'm kinda disappointed because I left the Netherworld to better prepare myself since I couldn't beat Odette; I think I overdid it lol. I faced Odette again afterward, stocked up on about eight Healing Tonics and Painkillers; I destroyed her and barely used any of them. I'm guessing that Jupiter Bangle I bought made a huge difference.
    getting warmer

    and no, lloyd irving's terrible - it's just a running gag i've had going around here for awhile now.
    nah, i could tell you where i live, but i reckon i'll keep you guessing

    and yes, lloyd irving is a pretty cool guy
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