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Recent content by SoulXaldin

  1. SoulXaldin

    I like/dislike Final Fantasy ____ , and here's why:

    Oddly enough, I haven’t played most of the mainline series titles, mostly spin-offs (so basically Crisis Core, Dissidia, Type-0, of what I can recall). But of those that I have played (brief stints with I, VII, X; actually finished XIII), I can’t pick a bad one out of the bunch. XIII might an...
  2. SoulXaldin

    Just finished The World Ends With You

    I’m pretty apprehensive about the Switch version because I hear that it doesn’t really utilize the touch controls in the previous ports, so that sounds a little awkward considering that the game’s mechanics kinda worked around. But if they did manage to find a way to rework the controls, then...
  3. SoulXaldin

    Final Fantasy VII Remake - April 10th 2020

    In that regard, that seems like a more favorable comparison. I was just basing the comparison solely on the fact that you had to hold down a button to attack hehe. But I can totally see where you’re coming from. After all, XIII was indeed the initial attempt of crossing over action and...
  4. SoulXaldin

    New Forum Software

    Got it.
  5. SoulXaldin

    Final Fantasy VII Remake - April 10th 2020

    The demo was a lot fun. The battle system was like XV’s but way better, and I think the developers this time around have managed to properly balance both action gameplay with menu-based strategy. The slowing down of the gameplay, for me at lest, doesn’t take away from the pacing of the battles...
  6. SoulXaldin

    New Forum Software

    We can curse? Fuck yeah... I’m no longer bound by this forum’s programming to say things whenever and however I please (I won’t actually).
  7. SoulXaldin

    Happy 10 Year Anniversary to XIII

    This was my first Final Fantasy, played it when it first came out on the 360...with a hacked save cause 11-year-old me had no idea how to play an RPG. Playing recently however has made me appreciate it more because I really dig the combat and the more character driven story has me intrigued at...
  8. SoulXaldin

    What's your dominant hand

    I'm like 99% right handed, although I can use my phone well enough with my left hand. That took a few years of practice, however. Still struggle to type without awkwardly extending my thumb between letters or the screen in general.
  9. SoulXaldin

    Our childhoods are being slaughtered...

    I wouldn't say slaughtered. More like maimed, butchered and subsequently subjected to taxidermy. Plus, exactly what kid grew up watching a hyper-violent film like Rambo??
  10. SoulXaldin

    Joker (2019) - “Put on a happy face”

    I thought this trailer was okay, pretty neat stuff. What does them being white have to do with anythin??
  11. SoulXaldin

    New Forum Software

    I’m using this on mobile, so I don’t even know what the desktop version looks like
  12. SoulXaldin

    MoM is Verum Rex

  13. SoulXaldin

    MoM is Verum Rex

    Uuuuuuuuhhhhh, like whose MoM?
  14. SoulXaldin

    Unanswered Questions thread, vent your frustrations here (some spoilers)

    1. Demyx probably became whole again and is somewhere else 2. A big, juicy, steamy pile of books 3. Absolutely nothing (jk, it’s probably something).
  15. SoulXaldin

    Next Game

    I’m down as long as Neku and Co. show up. Otherwise, that ending seems really out of place. It’s just so weird, you know?