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  • First of all; good greetings!

    I have much interest in your KH RP, & I'm wondering if you would like to collaborate with me. I think I have a few good ideas that you might interested. Contact me if you want to start the collaboration.
    Hello there. My name is The Citrus Cult, beyond the formalities, Citrus for short.

    I'll be mentoring/tutoring you in the craft of characters (hero&villain and I suppose you can say Idealogy expert as well) and I feel it best to give me your idea of how to build a character. And we'll work our way up from there.

    Needing to contact me, if you've got an msn.
    Mine is - mirage_prodigy@hotmail.com

    looking forward to our sessions =)
    Okay problem with your story if your trying to do a storyline right after kh2, Ansem the wise didnt shot a beam at kingdom hearts. He shot it at the collection of hearts Xemnas was gathering to bring the door to kingdom hearts. Ansem shot his laser trying to turn the gaint heart into data so that Xemnas wouldnt succed. but i didnt work which is why the machine exploded and the hearts started falling from the gaint heart
    Also Dont let any one be Riku or sora or any other main character, those people would be npcs and that way your able to control the way the rp is going even further
    Well it depends, the story ive read so far is your story, which is fine its your bio. But what i mean is, you cant plan ever single detail of what everone is going to do or it becomes a story, not a role play. Now what you need is a plot which i think you have im not sure, Tell what year, whats going on..
    Okay for one, Role playing is not to be planned, it can have some planning but not complete or else that makes it a story. 2nd, i wouldnt let people be like Sora, Riku, instead have them create their own characters. You do need a plot. Also in role playing any thing can happen. Its like life, if you do somthing somthing happens, but if you do somthing else something else may happen.
    Hi. In your rp, does that mean someone can be Riku or Sora?
    If so then I'll edit my last post.
    Hello. Im sorry to say but your rp is far to planned out. Roleplays arent suppose to be planed out or its a story... anyway make some changes and ill join, i already posted my character though
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