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    KHInsider 358/2 Days Caption Contest - Win an Axel/Roxas Plush! [SUBMISSIONS CLOSED]

    Re: KHInsider 358/2 Days Caption Contest - Win an Axel/Roxas Plush! KHInsider Forums - Shadowlight's Album: R.I.P - Picture Here's mine. :P God it's corny, but it's the only thing I could think of. Regular left to right.
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    KHInsider 358/2 Days Caption Contest - Win an Axel/Roxas Plush! [SUBMISSIONS CLOSED]

    Re: KHInsider 358/2 Days Caption Contest - Win an Axel/Roxas Plush! Tried to send mine and it came up with could not be reached, is there something wrong or is it just me? :P
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    The Pride Lands

    The actual film had so many beautiful themes and morals that could have worked so well with Kingdom Hearts, I was dissapointed they didn't take advantage of that and wind it into the story. I actually liked the Pride Rock area though, I ran over the edge for some crazy reason over and over...
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    (SPOILERS) Roxas's Diary Entries

    If I release Kingdom Hearts, and go to find "Sora", I'm sure Xion will come back to us. Then, the three of us will be able to eat ice-cream together again. Gah, he's so naive... But the entries offer a certain charm, make me feel sorry that he never learnt the simplest of things like what a...
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    358/2 Days TV Commercial

    Roxas flicked Xion on the head.... X3 Love those short friends being friends scenes.
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    358/2 days remind you of dissidia?

    'Cept the game has been confirmed to be fairly shortish if you just go by in story mode and do no side missions. I assume it'll be like Crisis Core, side missions that mean nothing and some that give you small bits of interesting info or trigger different missions.
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    He's not as weak as he is nervous. And skittish. And a little paranoid. ...... After the first few fights whenever I played KH2 I could beat him in any difficulty fairly easily. First few were pretty harsh though...
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    Xion's Proof of Existence

    One can only hope. Sometimes it pays well.
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    Xion's Proof of Existence

    I'd love to think they thought that far ahead. It's a good assumption, it shall keep my sanity at bay while trying to figure out her existance and reason. It still intruiges me she didn't get a chair.
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    Xion's Proof of Existence

    Plausible. Although the popular alternative is she wasn't important enough/desposable enough to not get one or a chair. Makes me think that Nomura doesn't need to fill his plotholes, we/you do it for him.
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    Donald and Goofy in 358/2?

    Sometimes I think Nomura just tossed it in there to screw with all our minds, but as already stated it isn't canon so it does not matter in the least. They chose the Organizations exploits purely because there were so many characters in it and they wanted a multiplayer, so yes I think it is a...
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    Organization 13's Bio in 358/2 Days

    I agree with the unlock stuff in extra levels bit, or at least hints. It could work well, they did it in a lot of FF games, extra back stories in optional missions.
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    Any Rumors Why

    I do not beleive it was orders, he may have been tipped off but he wasn't there to kill her, just wanting her to come back as a friend. Although the scene where he attacks Xion as she's 'talking' to Roxas seems slightly unprovoked, if not an awsome scene.
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    New 358/2 Days Trailer!

    Wow, very pleasing trailer. Maybe the memories leaking make her look like Sora. Her face has become more Sora-like, maybe her hair turns brown or something.... So cute, Roxas collects shells 3:28. I think Saix picked her up. God I'm so hyped up for this game...
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    New 358/2 Day Trailer Details

    It screws up a few theories involving key chains, I beleive. Wow, Xion's a mean girl. Leaving Axel behind, for shame.