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  • Oh I don't really care when, haha....so long as it isn't super late.
    I can PM you my number if you want. ^^
    Yeah, don't feel bad hun. I've been super busy as well.
    Parkour/Free Running....that's badass.
    If you get the chance we should talk sometime. ^^
    OMG, I was just thinking about you the other day!! ^^
    I saw your name on my friend's list and wondered what you've been up to.
    I've been pretty good, just really busy with school and stuff.
    Yo Chris, it's Reckless Chaos aak Chaotic Misery aka Cort. I'm makin a Naruto rp. Yu should totally join.

    I might need the area code though....lolz. BTW my mom changed our number
    ....its 518-828-3603
    Lolz, no I forgot it...I need you to tell me it again...lolz! ^^
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