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  • I'm not the only one! :D I was about to go on a rant about people who don't like dead memes but I gotta sleep. Ttyl man.
    I swear, just one day I discovered the meme and then BAM I see it everyday everywhere.
    It's good to express ur love for memes. It makes your power over 9000.
    Sorry I like dead memes. xD
    Chuman got to that point from mostly reading after me and Dark Prince, same with a lot of modern rappers that influenced him. I'm more into underground rap, and my style of writing takes a tone from them + the stuff Prince posts.

    I didn't say it before, but KHI is having a christmas contest and the Creative Writing section can participate in the Freestyle category, it has to be a christmas themed freestyle though. I was surprised we got a category, thats actually the most popular thread in that section lol.
    np man, i like to coach a lot of people that input in the thread, because I've been posting there for like 7 years and it's still active lol.
    Usually when I read your stuff in the freestyle thread, i kinda feel like you use spaces in place of where you'd place a comma instead. I don't know what style you prefer to write freestyles (Couplets, Quads, etc), it just looks a little more disorganized to read lol.

    I personally like using double/triple couplets to write, I even got another guy (who's afk from the thread due to a move recently) to adopt using double couplets and his stuff's pretty insane now.

    When I freestyle, normally I'm already shooting for some kind of theme in mind.
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