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  • Oh, and stop using the keyblades to override the 25 character rule. It looks silly and you shouldn't need to do it in CW anyway. If you can't pass the 25 character rule in your post and post it anyway, I get a bit annoyed. Find another thing to talk about.
    Thank you. <3
    It'd be nice if you did these couple things when posting in my section and the forums in general:
    1. Shrink your damn font. No one wants to read something that big unless it's REALLY that important or funny. You're just doing it so someone notices you which I don't really see the point of doing.
    2. Don't double post. I'm getting tired of merging your posts. We have a thing called "multi-quote" which is shown as a button with the letters "M.Q."
    You click that in every post you want to quote and hit "post reply" at the bottom. It opens them all up in one post reply. Ain't that nifty?

    So if I see you do this shit again I'll start getting angry.

    3. It'd be awesome if you went into more detail in your posts at least when you're commenting on stories and fanfiction, etc. Critique is awesome. Writers want to improve. What did you like, what didn't you like, what they could have done better, etc. It's all ways of making your post a lot bigger and the writer a lot happier. I'm not asking for paragraphs. I'm just asking for detail rather than "I LIKED THIS YEAH BLAH BLAH BLAH WORDS."

    Thank you for your time.
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