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    Yeah, she was pretty annoying but she wasn't all too hard once you had enough cards to break her sleights and her thunder spells.
  2. Rain

    Best new thing in KH2

    The twist they made with Atlantica was the best new thing in KH2. The musical thing was pretty fun.
  3. Rain

    How many times did it take you to beat Demyx?

    I was killed twice by Demyx in Proud Mode. I didn't know what I was doing then.
  4. Rain

    KHRECOM anniversary

    I remember running out to go get this game a year ago. I split the price with my sister though since it was $30 at Gamestop and I was low on cash at the time.
  5. Rain

    Hardest Re:CoM Boss?

    I'd also say the last Riku Replica fight was the hardest. Sadly, he was even more challenging than Marluxia which was kind of a let down for me.
  6. Rain

    Small thing

    Clans don't exist anymore. Only squads.
  7. Rain

    How many hours have you got?

    I have 81 Hours and 10 Minutes on my KH and 69 Hours and 1 Minute on KH2
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    Help/Support ► Okay

    Don't try too hard to get their attention.Try when its necessary.If you try too hard,you'll probably end up driving them away even further.
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    Help/Support ► Oh boy.

    Say what you have to say to your father now.If you don't you'll just regret it and then it will make you wonder,"What if what I said could have changed something ?" I don't think it would affect you as much though since you're older than me.
  10. Rain

    How far are you in the game?

    I just got to Castle Oblivion's 13th floor.
  11. Rain

    How far are you in the game?

    I have beaten Vexen and I'm fighting Riku Replica again.And I am playing on Proud Mode.
  12. Rain

    How far are you in the game?

    I'm on Level 47 in Twilight Town fighting Vexen again.
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    So I just got a PS3

    I just got my PS3 last night wewt. I have: Resistance 2 Uncharted Dynasty Warriors 6 Pain Any recommendations for what games I should or should not get?
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    Hip Hop Artist:Drake

    DRAKE -This artists name is Drake. -He is an actor turned rapper/singer. -He is currently working with artists like Lil Wayne and Cash Money Millionaires and is dropping a new album soon. -He's probably not who you think he is either. He does have a nice list of songs too.My favorites include...
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    Help/Support ► Dragons.

    Buy a pack of gum before school.Make sure its mint-like.(Winterfresh or Trident)Also brush and use mouthwash every morning and night.See if that helps.