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  • That's good then. It's not to hard to get good picture's at con's though. There tend to be alot of cosplayers that go XD
    Will do, and I'll even send you the basic details of the skit when I get them XD
    If your getting up early, don't forget the camera. I did that last year and I missed heaps of good shots :(
    I'm not quite sure yet, but when my friend decides who he's cosplaying as, then I'll decide If I'll join the Skit.
    Tomorrow the Tassie Convention starts doesn't It XD You get to see all the cosplayers :O
    Last year, AVCon had over 1000 people. It was excellent XD They have a big Cosplay comp and 1 of my friends wants to do a skit this year... with me Involved :O
    6 months really isn't that long, and i tend to get everything set up early, but If you check out the avcon forums (www.avcon.org.au) you'll see that people are already making their costumes XD
    I hate haircuts aswell, but i had mine done before xmas and wont need It done for atleast 3 months :P
    Yeah, I know how much It sucks trying to find a decent job somewhere. It took ages to find my current job and one of my friends has been looking for a job here for about 6 months now :D But I got Accepted In to a TAFE course in CGI but I was already in a job contract. Gives me a Good option for after my Traineeship if I dont like the Job at the end XD
    You should find a job somewhere that you enjoy, Like at a Anime store ( if you know any nearby :p) or at a hop somewhere.
    Thanks:) The exams are quite easy though. Just Mathematics and Common sense:)
    Hope Year 10 Is good. It's not really that bad, and It just means It's one year less of school XD
    Since I'm a Telstra Trainee I have to go through some training( which Includes about 5 different exams over 3 weeks, practicing connecting cables in underground pits and running wires through houses and then doing a nice big assessment on it all). What year are you doing at school?
    Na, you're not rubbing It In. I'm just wishing avcon was 5 months earlier so I could go there this month :)
    Darn work, and their stupid Adelaide training :(
    Cool, I love photo's of Cosplayer's. To bad that i can't get picture's myself though. I wanted to go to this one :(
    You should go to AVCon In Adelaide In July and Cosplay. It's funny when a random comes up and asks If they can take a photo with you XD
    Yeah, I Cosplayed at AVCon last year as Itachi Uchiha and I'm gonna go this year as Squall from FF8 or Haseo from Hack://ROOTS. Do you Cosplay? I'm also planning to go to Japan ant the end of this year or sometime next year XD
    Na, dont live there, but was planning on going to the Convention, but I have to go to Adelaide for some work training :( But I'm going to AVCon in July and Manifest in September XD
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