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  • I am pretty sure I have already got the directions and went through the maze, I think I need to go check the game I will check it tonight and tell you later tonight.
    lol, Cookie Monster speaks the truth.

    As for the avvy, i happened to find it while
    googling monkeys, and apes. There was another
    member i believe, who had a similar avvy, but the monkey
    was doing something diff. I don't quite remember, but all
    the same, i thought it was fun to have as an avvy

    thank you by the way :D
    Yessss can you help me beat ninja Zerker? If so I am at the part where there are all the teleport panels and it is a maze like area. I don't know what to do I have beat the maze, buy I don't know what to do it gives me no info on what to do next. I really need help.
    Oh dear, you're missing out man. D:

    If you ever get the chance, I heartily recommend trying out some of the X series MM games, and definitely Sonic 1, 2 and Adventure 2. Oh, and the Advance series, too. ;)
    Lol, indeed I am.

    I've been playing mainly the Original, X, Zero and ZX series' up till now. And I have to say I love these games.

    So which ones have you played so far MM and Sonic wise?
    Oh I can see that. xD

    My set was made by someone called "Macabre". If you ever need a signature or avvy, feel free to ask him if you want.
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