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Recent content by Prophet

  1. Prophet

    Fanfiction ► H E R O E S - A New Age

    Part 1 of the mid-season climax released today after much wait. Part 2 should be up later. Episode XI- Part 1 “We have gathered here today…” Northwestern 1st Church… Seattle, Washington Ding… dong… ding… dong… The church bells rang beautifully as the old white church opened its doors to the...
  2. Prophet

    Fanfiction ► H E R O E S - A New Age

    OOC: Oh sheet, another chapter up so soon? This is the pre-episode for the mid-season finale, so I thought I'd get it up quickly, as a companion piece to my last shorter chapter. Two short chapters in quick succession I feel like is a good way to post. Get ready, because the next chapter I post...
  3. Prophet

    [R3-B5] gene chaos vs. Nevermore

    Welcome to the Ancient Archives.... Here, the records of many ancient tales and battles are kept by the wardens. They guard the knowledge with their lives. Luckily, a we have managed to gain access to two records. Both of which depict a single battle. It is an eloquent record, but I have yet to...
  4. Prophet

    Fanfiction ► H E R O E S - A New Age

    OOC: Been a while, eh? Short chapter, but it does move things along. These next two chapters hold the mid-season finale, so get excited. Sh*t's about to get REAL EPISODE IX “The Fates” Alleta Smith Newark, New Jersey Snow fell from the sky, the dark gray clouds splattered with the gently...
  5. Prophet

    Fanfiction ► H E R O E S - A New Age

    Just a note: I am currently on Spring Break without regular internet access (I'm in New Mexico; whoah). A new chapter is under construction and will be up when I return (next Sunday). Thanks for being patient, I hope you understand. Don't worry. No matter what delays, or personal matters that...
  6. Prophet

    [R2-B1] ★ vs Ubi Ty

    We've decided to throw you two an interesting one. This battle will test tactics, strategy, and your own creativity. Have fun with this one guys, I want to see some smart moves unraveling. OPERATION: Double Team Arena - Alternate universe, New York City. Where else, eh? Everything that goes...
  7. Prophet

    Fanfiction ► H E R O E S - A New Age

    Episode VIII “Lifting Veils” Henry Telsworth The Pacific Ocean “Merde,” swore Henry, his French accent slipping through as he cut the phone off with a pissed off tap on the screen. He gripped the small ebony phone for a moment, his palm tightening on the small device before setting it down...
  8. Prophet

    [R1-B3] Chaosmax VS. Lord of Chaos

    The two Chaos warriors duking it out, eh? Standard KHI RP rules apply, no God-Modding, Power-Playing, reasonable amounts of swearing, explicitness, etc. Let's have a good rumble people. Arena: The Chaos Theatre - This is a massive amphitheater, designed as both a club and a concert hall. The...
  9. Prophet

    Fanfiction ► H E R O E S - A New Age

    EPISODE VII “Small Talk, Big Things” Jeanette Curie, Carlos Diego, & Paul Jeanette’s Apartment, Seattle Paul sat still, elbows on his knees and hands on his chin, as he stared at the sleeping Carlos. Brown eyes stared mysteriously behind a single set of long bangs. He pondered, staring at the...
  10. Prophet

    Shades of Blue : Artistic Renditions

    Artistic Profiles for the Shades of Blue RP. I've got loads of free time this winter break, so I intend to get through everyone. Only qualification you need to get a rendition done is post AT LEAST ONCE in the RP. Hopefully this will encourage people to post. These were done in a combination of...
  11. Prophet

    Fanfiction ► H E R O E S - A New Age

    Episode VI “Globetrotting” Alleta Smith ? The sky was gorgeous. Sapphire blue, stretching for as far as the eye could see. Alleta breathed deep as the crisp air battered at her lungs. Most lungs would crumble at this altitude. But not Alleta’s. They were elated. Alleta shot through the...
  12. Prophet

    Flying away on a wing and a Prayer (Open)

    Believe it or not, it's just me. Open challenge to anybody who'd like to accept it. I am going to come back into the fray for a bit. This battle is open to whomever would like it, as many as are willing to post. Just post your template in your first post. Once I get at least one poster, we...
  13. Prophet

    Fanfiction ► H E R O E S - A New Age

    Here we go, finally. Short episode, a bit rushed, this one is a bit of a transition episode. I hope you enjoy it anyways, I may go back in later to edit it a bit. But here are the bare bones of it. Episode V “Kings and Prophets” Henry Telsworth Venice, Italy “Agh, alright, I’ll take care of...
  14. Prophet

    Fanfiction ► H E R O E S - A New Age

    Episode IV “Feuds of Fate” Carlos Diago Seattle, Washington So drunkkkkkkkk Carlos stumbled out of the warehouse, dropping a solo cup to the ground as he leaned against the wall. He blinked heavily, glanced down as the world swam before him. Haha, everything is spinnnnyyy haha… oh god, that...
  15. Prophet

    Fanfiction ► H E R O E S - A New Age

    Episode III “Eye of the Beholder” There comes a time where we make decisions about what we want to do with our lives... we make choices about who we want to be and what kind of life we want to lead... however, is there not sometimes a call to something greater? A sound in the night that...