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  • lol nice, that is cool. Didn't know we had a download section XD And you can always check out the other video games section dedicated soley to any other title out there :D
    I lurve DBZ, my first ever anime ^^;; And Smash Brawl is such a fun game, I recommend playing it sometime ^^;; And ya, as a big fan of DBZ, the movie sucked majorly. Such a disgrace...
    That is not a problem at all in these forums XD Trust me, some people who came here at first for KH now completely hate the whole series in general XD We have non-kh sections and Creative sections with whole communities of people who all have stuff in common. You will fit in here, everyone does so long as you can type XD

    Me? I love the FF games, Square Enix games in general even. Also big fan of megaman and dbz games. OH and SSB Brawl!!! XD
    Why thanks dude! ^^;; Any time ya need help I will do what I can!

    lol All good, just when ever you have like a fave character or show or whatever, find a pic on google and someone will pimp it out into a nice sig XD

    I know, this place is massive XD I still meet people everyday I never knew existed! But it is cool because it is like a community, with different areas of interest and a wide array of personalities. You will get used to it ^^;;
    lol No problem dude! And WOOT!!! Cake :D

    Hey, you see my shiny pics in my sig and avatar? If you ever need any I can hook you up, I know some awesome people who can do a great job ^^;; And even so you can always go to the Request Shops. Bling out your sig XD

    So what up? How you liking KHI thus far?
    lol It is all good dude, you dont need to apoligize or nothing.
    Don't ever feel scared to ask a question, I won't kill you unless you like punch me in the face somehow XD

    For some reason they only do URL I guess, so what you can do is upload your image on the web (like in an album here or on whatever sight you want) and then go to properties and get the URL from it. Sorry if I am no help here, technical stuff is not my forte XD

    But if you still have probs, I can direct you to someone who can help ^^;;

    So what up dude?
    Yeah, some just have no respect for others, and others abuse power, but overall I'd say this forum is very good place. Tons of sections for everyday needs, cool people, and the annoying and rude people are not so many and easily ignored. You'll like it here no worries ^^;;
    Yay!! Gracias!! :D

    So you are here thanks to the power of Google huh? Same XD And been here since. There is lots of cool people here, as well as some major a$$es, but hey, it is like that no matter where you go so its no big deal XD

    So how is your day going?
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