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    My least favorite kingdom hearts character and what I like and dislike about this certain individual

    Voice acting goes a long way, and I think I would like Aqua a whole lot more if Willa Holland put a little more emotion in her delivery
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    Damage indicators

    Ok thanks. Hopefully people can piece it together since they explicitly tell you about certain undodgeable attacks on game over screens
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    Damage indicators

    I am so confused. What are damage indicators? You’ve got me thinking of like, the red marks that tell you which direction you’re being shot from in shooting games
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    Kingdom Hearts 3 First Released Vs Remind Now

    Yes she is definitely a better game now. The simple addition of a new combo set made everything more responsive/punchy
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    Subtitles or No Subtitles?

    I honestly play every game, kh or not, with subtitles. KH being one of my first series growing up may have influenced that. I agree that it feels bizarre to not have subtitles with them
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    Role of RAX trio in Re: Maid?

    They certainly won’t be the focus but I do think they’ll get their fair share of screen time. They will need to balance between them, the wayfinder trio, and the destiny islands trio of course!
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    I like your idea, but full worlds would take a very long time. I think it might be neat to see some returning original worlds with one or two iconic areas, and a couple quests to do in them. For example, a way to access sleeping traverse town first district and interact with dream eaters there
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    Ansem's replica Xehanort fun fact

    That is a super cool detail
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    Since xigbar is luxu, Does this change the opening of bbs 0.2?

    I really like this, but wouldn't it nullify Xigbar's line, "finally, back where it belongs"? That line and the way he looks at the keyblade to me implies he had not held No Name since the first time he passed it on.
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    Re:CoM Enemy Formations

    As okhi already said, you may find a better answer from googling it. That being said, I have grinded to level 99 several times in this game, and I believe that in general, you have 4 formations for each world. there are usually two types of enemies that spawn in a given area, and each enemy type...
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    No one can help identify the sociotypes of Nomura and VA voicing heroes in KH.

    You think it’s more complicated to analyze fictional characters that we know most things about as opposed to real human beings that we only have some interviews to go off of?
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    Naturespark not unlocking

    I've been trying to research it for you, and the expected result is that you obtain Naturespark for completing the minigame. There is no high score you need, just completion. The only other problem I can think of is that you already have Bambi in your menu without realizing it, or the game is bugged
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    Naturespark not unlocking

    You might already have it in your inventory from the first time you beat the minigame. Go talk to Fairy Godmother and see if that works.
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    It seems to me or initially Axel and Roxas should not have been such close friends as now.

    I am unsure if you realized it or not, but Roxas had his memory erased. He doesn't remember Axel in this game. Friendships are not often developed well in this series. Especially in Birth by Sleep. That being said, I think that Roxas and Axel have one of the most believable relationships. I...
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    Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience Update 1.01 Gameplay

    Hey, in TWTNW, that was the Project Destati version of Darkness of the Unknown wasn’t it? They must be hyped to have their work acknowledged like this