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  • It will probably less than that though xD like maybe a test where she uses Amaterasu and sees how the team deals with it.

    Maybe she'll use Susanoo on some mission where they are outnumbered 30 to 3. Just to show off of course. Anyway I'm about to pass out. We should continue this in the near future though.
    Laguna?? Boss idea I do believe.

    Ha, missions are always good for development as things get more dramatic on a good basis. Just wait until Akairo-sensai shows the kids her Susanoo...
    Sounds intriguing tbh, Erebos would be very interested in such a thing as he goes on to develop his Liminality Gene usage and use the mind as a major outlet as a ninja. I'm not sure just what I want to do with Akairo's team yet, maybe capture missions or something close ya know?? Training in between all that of course.

    Haha yes yes it sounds splendid. What kind of stuff you into, I'll make you an awesome pressie
    I think that Ubi and Nebula-san should be friends or rather good acquaintances hmm??

    So what's this spirit thing going on with Moeashi...
    Oh dude, I forgot to mention. If Silverslide/Kyuu isn't active during this, we might have a three-way collision to compensate for the lack of an extra combatant.
    I didn't do more than 3-6 new techniques.
    In between regular training regiment
    CHeck the RP, i think I got you and Kyuu/Silverslide back in business lol.
    simple as this, Take the train to Marlboro, then get off, walk to the three-way intersection at the edge of the field by father Lacomb, then right there's a bus stop for the 72 bus, Take the seventy-two down to the Glenmore inn... just let me know
    I see you wrote a KHI-based fic once a time too

    You are my forerunner then
    Your template checks out an I doubt Dar will have a problem with those B-Rank ninjutsu. However you need to rank all of your taijutsu before the rp starts.
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