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  • APpology accepted. The good news is you probably learned a good deal about the history of modern Operating Systems via the wikipedia'ing.

    And people becoming more knowledgeable is ALWAYS a good thing.
    You are allowed to, and it wasn't really revolutionary, it was just simplistic.
    Just you came in telling me how I was wrong about all these things, when I was not, and thats just rude.
    I just want to let you know, I showed your posts and conversation pages to my roommate, a computer science undergraduate student, and his first response was to hold his head in pain, then just start laughing for several minutes.

    And while obviously it cannot be proved otherwise gates would be broke, it is commonly believed that gates stole the GUI from MAC, along with elements of XENIX and several other things to create windows. DOS was a low level OS without a descent GUI.
    The point stands that Unix was first. Linux did not come out until 1992, and Gates stole the code in the 80's from unix.

    pre-2000 MINIX was not Open Source.
    yeah. "MINIX has been free and open source software since it was released under the BSD license in April 2000."
    Proprietary before that. Thus not GNU. And still not GNU
    "At the time of its original development, the license for MINIX was considered to be rather liberal. Its licensing fee was very small ($69) compared to those of other operating systems"

    Linux was the first open source OS to fit the GNU license and work.

    Unix was proprietary when gates stole the code.
    92. GNU was created in 83, but linux was the first to get it working in 92. And UNIX has never been free or open source any more than windows is. And I replied before you edited your post, thats why its quoted as it was.
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