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  • Yeah, I see. :) Of course I know you should be of who you are. :) You are very friendly Master Aqua. :smile:
    Yes glad to meet you as well ^_^ and well I'd like to be Japanese, don't get me wrong, I am also proud of who I am hehe. Well I learn a lot from her about her culture an it's really interesting. We both love anime and etc..... and well I'll just message you (private message).
    Oh your from the United States I see. It's nice to meet you. ^_^ It's nothing I was just wondering about it. It's pretty rare to find Filipino's in forums actually. :) I used to think that way too/. That I wanted to be Japanese. But I feel like I should be proud of who I am as my Nationality. :) Anyway, *shakes your hand* It's nice being friends with you. ^_^
    Well I was born in the United States but am also part Mexican, though funny thing is, my Spanish isn't the best lol XD. Better with English, way better since I have awesome vocabulary hehe. Though I would love to be Japanese, I find their culture and a lot more from Japan pretty great. I know some Japanese and am still learning more. That's why you see me use some Japanese phrases. Would love to also live there :D. And I assume you are Filipino from your 'About Me" section here. That's awesome since I have an awesome Filipino friend and she is awesome just Like you ^_^. Though if I'm wrong, then I'm sorry.......

    Though now I gotta ask, what brought up this question? Not that it's a bad thing......
    Yes anime is amazing for me and I'm just finally happy that Tokyo Ghoul Root A (Season Two) came out.
    You are super duper nice. It makes me wanna cry tears of joy. :'(
    im glad to have meet you too friend. ^_^
    Thank you very much (arigatou gozaimasu) and I can definitely say the same for you ^_^. Well I'm glad I bring great memories to you and glad I met you.
    You are really nice Master Aqua. You have that spunk in you. Just like Princess Sammie. :) That's why you remind me of her. And you are really friendly. :) Glad I got to meet you Kh buddy :)
    Really, how was she? How do I remind you of her? Well at least we are KH friends here I won't be alone, I still want to thank you for that :D. I've been on the Mortal Kombat X Forums (if you know what that is then great :D) but I left a month ago to 1.) join these forums as personally I love KH more than MK tbh and the forums here are awesome 2.) I felt as if my time there was over, I was well known but I just left..... 3.) new places, new people, kind people like you and others here (sure there are kind people over on the MKX forums but I just stopped going there for some reason I can't remember oh well hehe).

    I really do like this place so maybe I won't disappear from the scene for a while. Also, I assume you like this place, duh no brainer lol.
    You kinda remind me of an old member there. Her name was princess Sammi in that forum. I was SoVen there back then in KH3.org. Oh okay then. You just reminded me of her. :)
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