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Recent content by Lord of Chaos

  1. Lord of Chaos

    Original ► [Event Battle: Challenge]

    There exists a location, far and remote, and oft times forgotten. Its exact coordinates are unknown, but for those who are aware of it, they know it as a graveyard--a long forgotten relic--for memories, people, places of the past. The graveyard is an interwoven tapestry of fields, marshes, and...
  2. Lord of Chaos

    E-Ternity University Chapter 1: Hellbound for Heaven

    "Heh. My junior year, actually..." Xavier smiled at the pretty young freshman. She had just "ported" to the campus, and was a bit confused. Her hair was silky red and shoulder length, and those eyes... she had to be a descendent of a Fae. "That's how you get to Titania Hall though. Mind the...
  3. Lord of Chaos

    E-Ternity University Chapter 1: Hellbound for Heaven

    There's a place, where the magical, the mutant, the metahuman, and the marvelous come together. Consider the Earth and its age. Consider its fairy tales. These stories, while largely myth, do have a bit of truth in them. It is this truth that has been bled out through the ages and through the...
  4. Lord of Chaos

    The YGGDRASIL Project (It's finally here)

    I've been promising this one for months now. It's gone under several different names (including Project Somnium, which I believe was the last one) and several different revisions. As to why this has happened, I'd like to point out, that like most video games/novels/films that end up taking...
  5. Lord of Chaos

    E-Ternity Univ.

    So, I really hated the movie Sky High. Like, I loved the concept and what-not, but just hated the movie itself. Though the badguy chick was hot (and still is, Google her). Anyway, just sayin'... This is a pretty short and sweet Role-Play: There's a place, where the magical, the mutant, the...
  6. Lord of Chaos

    E-Ternity High (RP Idea)

    There -was- a thread here. I guess I'll have to repost it. Expect something new soon.
  7. Lord of Chaos

    [R4-B6] King Sora X vs. Nevermore

    Once more 'round this room we waltz, Pointing our fingers but taking no faults, Every insult a wound, filled with a grain of salt, Once more 'round this Hell we waltz. Welcome to your battle, KSX and Nevermore. I apologize for the length of time it has taken, but myself and GC's correspondence...
  8. Lord of Chaos

    A Fabled Escape: Chapter Eins

    "Drat, drat, drat, I'm late!" Atticus Luren was running down the street in the pouring rain. He was wearing a hat and duster over his clothing, with a satchel strapped to his back. The meeting was supposed to have started by now and he was just now about to get to Antiquities. It was a...
  9. Lord of Chaos

    [R3-B8] LongLiveLife v. Piercing Light

    "Welcome Racing Fans! In today's Race of Doom we have two up-and-coming battlers vying for a spot in the Grand Tournament! This is sure to be full of mayhem, violence, and ALL OUT SPEED! Let's get down to it! On your mark! Get Set! BOOM!" Setting: The Station Abomination--A race track set in...
  10. Lord of Chaos

    A Fabled Escape: Chapter Eins ( a.k.a Project Momentary/Accepting sign-ups now!)

    Once upon a time, in a land far away, there existed a balance between good and evil. This balance was constantly being reweighed, By Prince Charmings, By Big Bad Wolves, By the smallest animal, And the largest man. This world, you see, was unlike any other-- It was a place for coexistence...
  11. Lord of Chaos

    Project Momentary: WIP, Seeking Collaboration, Help, Etc.

    Project Momentary-- An Original RP that deals with old fairytale, mythical, etc. villains coming to life, and the effort to stop them. That's all I have at the moment. This is the basis for one of my newest Role-Play ideas. Essentially, what I'm going with here is kind of a "13 Ghosts of...
  12. Lord of Chaos

    [R1-B05] Aegis v. The Citrus Cult

    You two should enjoy this. Arena: Lightstar Court: Notice the use of "v." instead of "vs."? Quite simply, you're fighting in a court room. Standard benches, jury section to the right, all seats filled with people. The judge position, is, however, taken by none other than Valyon Lightstar...
  13. Lord of Chaos

    [R1-B11]Orion vs. Slauderking

    You know the rules, no God-moding, no Power-Playing, no hostilities other than in the fight itself. I want a good clean fight, both competitors come out... well... you'll see: Arena: The Nightclub--It is as it sounds, you'll be hitting it out, or shall I say, dancing it out, melee style, in an...
  14. Lord of Chaos

    A Right to Kill (A Writing Exercise)

    Back in college, one of the creative writing-related classes was about flash fiction and other forms of the short story. Anyway, I was digging through some old things and this was an exercise where you wrote a 250 word story, condensed it to 125, and then 75. Truth be told it could have been...
  15. Lord of Chaos

    A Hollow Shrine

    This is a poem I wrote for and old professor of mine who was wanting to use it for class discussion. It's blank verse, dramatic monologue. It's not perfect, but tell me what you guys think: A Hollow Shrine The rising tide could wash away the stain Left by your body. Did you think escape...