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  • I think I'm going to have to start reading it =)
    Kane Chronicles is good and it has numerous tie ins to Heroes of Olympus in it's story and then two additional cross over stories and I believe a third is on the way.
    I'm so hyped for the Magnus storyline. I think it will be pretty good. Can't wait to see how they do it.
    Hopefully she becomes her own tv show. I mean we saw what Smallville and eventually Arrow did for Green Arrow's popularity. Somehow he became a bonafide A List Hero LOL. She would pull a new fanbase into the Flarrowverse and the DC Universe as a whole. Though personally I would like a collection of animated series to be added to the Flarrowverse. It could really flesh the universe out and give the spotlight to lesser known heroes. Plus they could have actors to play them in the live action crossovers and if popular enough get their own live action setup. I also think if they ever decide to introduce Batman, Wonder Woman (Who I would say needs her own tv show if it weren't for this upcoming movie) and Superman to the Flarrowverse housing them as animated entities with live action crossovers would be best. What do you think about the separate movie/tv universes? And for the love of all that is holy I need more updates on Titans for TNT (Q)_(Q)
    THANK YOU ;A; Kairi looked so pretty in the new chi artwork and I couldn't help but nab it before anybody else did!

    I love your new avatar as well! ;A; Makes me want to go pick up DC Comics stuff again
    You read the Percy Jackson/Heroes Of Olympus/Kane Chronicles/Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard Series too. AWESOME.

    Also check this out:

    And lastly that avatar is F*****G AWESOME
    The two belong together, in my humble opinion. Makes me sad that Colossus hasn't gotten a bigger role in the movies or any adaptations of X-men yet.
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