• Spoiler tag your spoilers, please. That includes all unknown content from the DLC that was not shown in trailers or discussed in pre-release interviews.

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  • Hello! Sorry about deleting your post about the trailer. The thing is that Disney dun goofed and uploaded it prematurely. Square Enix doesn't want anyone to know about it yet, so they're asking that those of us who've seen it keep it a secret.
    I agree. Xions ending really hit hard. Believe it or not Aqua's is alot sadder.
    There's a channel on Youtube called Strwbrymilk and she's a friend of mine, she subbed all the cutscenes on the JPN version of BBS in a perfect sequence to the three storys. First Terra then Ventus and finally Aqua. You should check it out. It's alot easier to watch them than I'm making it sound. Anyway, Aqua's ending and the secret ending almost made me pretty sad, and that's not a easy thing to do..haha.
    Have you played Dream Drop Distance? Oh and are you into anime or Manga?
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