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  • I was reading you little "Behold" thread thing lol and remembered listeining to this piano Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 medely thing. The URL is Playlist.com Music results for http://moses.last.fm/. I already posted it but ya lol. Listen if u want...Hope it helps =)
    i really wish people didnt do that assumption i agree to it, but to a point where it's speculation and could be possible.

    i'm not saying that it has to be true. or that it must be true. i only made it to fill the gap incase it was true.
    it's firmly established in the "what if" category.

    it's possible, but am i 100% agreeing on this? no, i will agree only if it ends up being officially confirmed. in this article it only seems to be a normal confirmation
    you joined alittle over last year. still, it's not rediculous if it's hypothetical. audo went on in the long debate as to why it's not likely for it to happen. but again, you clearly over react and take it to the next level. so tone it down a bit
    lief, i know your new and all, but you need to calm down.

    the argument wasnt wther it was possible (clearly it is) but if it's probable.again it was hypothetical theory if it wasnt a typo, but no one seem to get that.
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