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    Texan? Sweet.

    Never been to New York, but glad to hear you had fun.
    Oh cool! Overseas or in the country?
    Well, we don't have enough BBS info yet so she could be more important(she's not connected to SRK as far as we know, unless if there's some weird twist)

    Like I said, Aqua could've been one of Xehanort's experiments. In the SARs, it said they kept people they experimented with in the basement. Aqua was probably one of their major experiments(she was probably captured)
    I think she's important I mean why Would they reveal her armor in Days if she was useless, you catch my drift right?
    I liked both, even if those theories mentioned Xion was relayed to Kairi. She's already better than her anyway.
    Guess SE wanted to make Aqua independent. I hope she does has some plot in BBS, and she's not there just because they needed a girl in the trio.
    I think Aqua was one of Xehanort's experiments, but I won't elaborate :v
    XD yeah, I thought it was something simple at first, but then those crazy theories came up and my thoughts changed. Days was going to be pointless in the first place. The same hype will be for DS. This is why people shouldn't get too hyped..
    Well, it can't be Xigbar because he sees TAV in HB, and that's before they "defeat" MX and DS, so it can't be him. He doesn't have enough plot to be DS anyway.
    She doesn't necessarily die... But her armor is in the Room of Sleep, so there's certainly something there. Suffice it to say she's important later on. According to Nomura, all three of the apprentices are.
    They were waiting for Days to be released. Expect a hell of a lot more info in BBS in the coming months. Especially in September, when the Tokyo Game Show takes place.
    Heh heh. Well, yes it was. But, we can't change it. It's not an integral part of the story anyway. Expect a lot more from BBS, it's okay to get your hopes up for that one. They've got a lot more to work with.
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