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Recent content by KingdomSlayer2

  1. KingdomSlayer2

    Music ► So, who likes Radiohead?

    I know this may seem arbitrary and spontaneous but, I feel like I need to put it out there. I LOVE Radiohead. Radiohead is like the Picasso of the Music Industry. Their music is so great, with different tones and sounds, and a lot of thematic and figurative elements incorporated into said music...
  2. KingdomSlayer2

    Really bad Kingdom Hearts puns 2

    You know the drill, make the worst and corny puns you can come up with. Ex: I call my telescope a Star Seeker!
  3. KingdomSlayer2

    What system are you going to be playing World of Final Fantasy on?

    I'll be playing it on my PlayStation TV (PS Vita TV) because I really want to get it at a lower price and I'm sure it will look just fine on it. Don't care much about the graphical quality, though.
  4. KingdomSlayer2

    New Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Screenshots Show Off Unreal Engine 4

    You know, I thought BBS 0.2 would have some form of the Command Deck. Sadly for me, it does not. But at the very least, I've gotta say these graphics are outstanding, especially in Back Cover. It's really dynamic and pertains to a lot of visual aesthetics in Back Cover, and I can't wait to play...
  5. KingdomSlayer2

    Help/Support ► What smartphone did you sell your soul to

    I use an iPhone 5 with 16gb of memory(most of which is taking over by system memory) Ever since I got Unchained X on Thrusday , I could not put it down. With that being said, my phone is a used one. The sides are badly chipped and I've had a case over it at all times. As for everything else...
  6. KingdomSlayer2

    The issue with Street Fighter V

    I am so hyped about getting this game. I really want to get good. But there were some responses from critics and users that left me with a sense of dismay. If you were to check Metacritic for the user scores, you would see that the PC and PS4 versions had received the user scores of 3.7 and 3.0...
  7. KingdomSlayer2

    Music ► Have you guys listened to any new bands,duos,etc.

    We can always be introduced to new people in the music industry, whether new or old. Like me, for example, I started to listen to Justice yesterday with their album,+, and it already blew my expectations. So what about you guys?
  8. KingdomSlayer2

    Confusion with Sora being dumb

  9. KingdomSlayer2

    Confusion with Sora being dumb

    Dude, what's with the disturbing realistic Lenny faces?
  10. KingdomSlayer2

    Confusion with Sora being dumb

    I thought utilizing mental counting seemed to be a more intellectual method. I'm not trying offend anyone, though.
  11. KingdomSlayer2

    Confusion with Sora being dumb

    Oops............now I'm dumb.................
  12. KingdomSlayer2

    Confusion with Sora being dumb

    He counts with his fingers.......FINGERS!!!!
  13. KingdomSlayer2

    Does anyone here actually play fighting games?

    I just hope there are people here who are good at fighting games. I started getting into them around last year and I've played a lot of significant titles like Street Fighter IV. Right now, I'm playing Under Night In Birth and I'm trying to get good with Gordeau.
  14. KingdomSlayer2

    How do you think other people in the forums perceive you?

    I not sure if it's okay to do this but, I'm gonna go at it. Here's my thought: I think that other people perceive me as someone whose completely annoying and probably find me to be completely stupid. In Spock's case: a complete biased and racist person who pertains to a huge sense of ignorance...
  15. KingdomSlayer2

    Do you think that KH3 should use the same ability system found in BBS and DDD?

    The use of abilities in the those 2 games made them very essential for character growth. I'm not sure why they decided to go down that path but hey, I can't really complain. This kind of structure for the ability system for me seems poorly executed. BBS's abilities can be quite tedious to gain...