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    Im Srry

    I Know People Have Asked This So Much But Has Anybody Found Out Yet If Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix Is Coming To America??? And If It Does Then I Would Be So happy! Please Dont Flame Me Thanx!
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    did they???

    Yeah Of Course The Did I Almost have All Of Them Down And Already Read Them All!
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    The "New Rumor" More likley for kh2:fm

    Oh So It Was A Joke Then Right I Hope So Much That Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix Comes To America
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    The "New Rumor" More likley for kh2:fm

    Srry I Just Read What You Said Im Srry For Saying That I Just Didnt Go To The Second Page!
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    The "New Rumor" More likley for kh2:fm

    I Dont Really Like That Mickey Killer Hes An Asshole I Hope That The Game Does Come To America Beacuse If It Doesnt Then It Would Be That Guys Fault So Blame Him!
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    how long did it take for u to beat kingdom hearts 2

    Like 4 1/2 Days It Was Easy But Kinda Hard At The Same Time!
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    The "I got Kingdom Hearts 2" Thread - Euro Launch!

    Re: The "I got Kingdom Hearts 2" Thread I Got Kingdom Hearts II Like A Day After It Came Out How Come Some People Dont Have It Dang Man This Game Out In June But Oh Well Im Waiting For Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix i cant Wait For That!
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    KH2 Final Mix discussion

    Exactly When Will KHII Final Mix Come Out??? If It Ever Does Come Out IN USA When And What Day Do You Think That It Will Come Out???:confused:
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    KH2 Final Mix discussion

    Re: Final Mix Buy or not Buy!? OMG Dude You Have To Be Crazy Not To Buy This Game If You Dont I Will Slap You Untill The Sun Burns Out OMG You Have To BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT!
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    Where Did Namine Really Come From???

    I Wanted To Know Where Namine Really Came From Cuz Like She Just Comes Out Of Nowhere But The Thing Is Shes In Kingdom Hearts Chain Of Memories And I Dont Understand Where She Came From So Can Someone Tell Me???:)
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    i've got a question...

    It Could Have Been Roxas He Was Talking About Who Knows??
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    Gummi Ships

    Me To I Just Use The Ships Cuz I Think That The Way They Build The Gummi Ships ON This Game Are Wack They SHould Have Just Left It THe Way They Did In The First Kingdom HEarts!:)
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    What Do You Think???

    Do You Think That They Will Have More Disney Than Final Fantasy In KHIII Or More Final Fantasy More Than Disney What Do You Think I Think More Disney Cuz Its Awesome I Mean I Like Final Fantasy But I Think Disney Would have Been Better Just Because This Game Is Awesome Like That!:)
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    Yes Of Course Your Right Srry Man!
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    WOOPS I Meant To You Not The Other Guy That ISaid That To Srry Other Guy!:o