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    The new organization

    yeah...everyone is copyin everyone now and days...haha
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    "you Beat Sephiroth" Thread

    Key: Oblivion Level: 71 (proud mode) tries: 6
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    Favorite Organazation Member?

    i like xemnas...i don't know why he looks awesome
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    TWTNW from Maverick22X

    MAJOR SPOILER!!! US Kingdom Hearts 2 - DiZ, Saix, Xigbar video containing DiZ, Xigbar, Saix, Kairi, Mickey, Malificent speaking. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TnUh0mTX34 from the world that never was...has just been posted.
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    Do you think nomura overdid it with making sora that strong?

    i thought it was a great job...the more moves you can make the more fun it is.
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    Countdown To KH2

    well i was bored on christmas so my father rented a game for me...i was all "whats this it looks boring" but when i started playing the game ...cool...it turned out to be my favorite games i have ever played....that was awesome i bout it the day after my father rented it....haha... KINGOM HEARTS...
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    Worst place to buy KH2

    Gamecrazy, its true they don't even have the right box art, and they are really slow
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    Need help w/ riku

    make sure you have lots of card breaks, that helped me
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    Need help w/ riku

    awww...riku is awesome :(
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    BVG KHII Website Updated

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    Kingdom Hearts 2 ENGLISH vids

    hey thanks haha
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    What would make the best music for KH2 opening video?

    ummm...i would prefer passion...im still going to have to get used to sanctuary.
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    Probable English Kh2 Opening.

    hey that was pretty cool...haha the phone ringing was pretty funny.
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    fav thing in kh2

    i can't wait to to fight thousands of heartless and behemont.(or whatever you call it.)