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  • lol k, I've been part of khinsider for awhile, but nows when I started to post and start threads. Thanks for the tips.
    I notice a lot of the time you're double-posting. If you've posted on message, and want to make another, don't go and post one straight after. Instead, use the 'Edit' button at the bottom-right of your post to edit in the extra message.

    Also, when you get a visitor message on your page and you want to reply to it, go to the user's page or click 'View Conversation' so that they'll notice it. No one's going to notice a message intended for them if it doesn't arrive on their own page.
    Ehhhhh.... it was ok at first, I was wanting to see if they were getting somewhere. But ya sorry about that lol.
    I asked for that to stop so that we could avoid spam and remain on topic. You're not helping by needlessly adding to it.
    I'd be glade to ^_^ If you ever can, try to join blogspot.com and visit my blog to chat. This is actually what I wanted on there, but here is purely for KH lol.
    If you want to discuss Kingdom Hearts and try to understand it's secrets, come check out my blog :)
    Kingdom Hearts Connect
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