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    In-app purchases help

    So I downloaded the apk file on my tablet back when the game released but I'm just not noticing im not able to purchase jewels from the shop. Is there some special steps in other to configure the file to google play? I checked online but it seems to be specific to computers and is extremely...
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    Possible Unchained X Update?!

    Although we all know how unreliable Wikipedia is there has recently been word on the western release situation added to the unchained x page, adding possible news about why the game has been taken so long to release. Sadly once again Wikipedia is known for its errors and open editing, so this...
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    The "Unchained" Plane

    I apologize if this was already discussed in a past forum but I wanted to know more about Master Ava's words after the fight with the player when she mentioned the Unchained space and how does it connect with Ephemera? (I don't follow the Chi story, waiting for the English version but I have...
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    How far behind is Unchained X story?

    So tomorrow Unchained X is getting 25 new story quest including the confrontation between the character and Master Ava. So with this update how far behind is the mobile version from the online version? https://twitter.com/KH13chi/status/684707027332022275
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    Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Manga?

    The Kingdom Hearts X story line is one that gives information on the lore before the time of birth by sleep explaining the story of the foretellers and the keyblade war. This addition to the Kingdom hearts story, although having connections to the greatly intincipated Kh3, can be viewed as a...