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  • Hello~ It was and still is full of work, work, work but I enjoy it. Spring finally arrived here and I love the warm weather soooo much ; w ; how about you?
    Oh how I wish I had a PS4 ..though even if I had one, I'm in another city for the uni year and I don't have a TV here anyway xD
    How long was the demo actually? I heard it was awesome and had beautiful music
    Thank you <3
    I'm so glad that the chibi was a successful gift! Mission accomplished! ; w ;
    Pretty busy, also I'm trash-tired, the FFXV livestream was at 4 a.m. in my timezone so you can imagine I'm tired and didn't sleep + 8 hours of university classes......yeah
    Didn't get other commissions yet, but I just gotta be patient and submit my info journal to commission groups in weekends, so that more people can see it without it becoming a bother u w u
    how about you?
    Hi! This is the fisst message I have ever received and it's so pleasant! Thank you :) I hope you have an amazing week too! How'd you discover me?
    I also hope that you have a great week!~ My week so far is really nice, I'm happy = w =
    Do you have a preference where I shall post your chibis? I can post them here, in my art thread, or on my dA, or both, or.. post only one of them on my dA?? etc. you get me u o u
    Will post them in a few hours, when I finish some other work~ you'll get the chibis and the FFXV event today ! whatta day xD
    Just fine, hanging in there.

    Bout to get dressed and go get breakfast, and was sending DarkGrey some old FFXI screenshots. ^^
    Yes we have! But he just had surgery on his throat so I can't play it with him for about a month more sadly. So I'm stuck in the part just after I met Mettaton. But I'm not gonna play it without him cuz we do the voice acting and everything together. Doing the end of the game alone would be too jarring alone, you know? When we livestream again I could always invite you ^_^
    You too! I just finished wrapping some presents to put under my tree~
    And I love UT! I livestream it with a friend of mine. We're actually considering starting a YouTube channel, but for now we can't and it's still in the basic idea stages.
    You, too! I'm still baking. Making my second apple crisp because the first was a bummer and totally ruined my pan so I had to run out and get a new one and more ingredients DX
    42 if I'm not mistaken. Having to wait for my other brother since I HATE ice cream beat. (He can get though it for the story one.)
    Ventus's right now; was taking the time to do some serious command melding though; I think I got his final deck, tho I may be melding up faith/salvation for the arena.
    Well, we're going to have a little family dinner then well. The usual. Been replaying BBS, should be done in a week or two.
    I have played Borderlands 2 before with my sister and again with my little stepbrother. I enjoyed t, but I'm a bit iffy on buying them for myself. I also only have a PS3, so that limits me.
    I've got way too much in my Steam library XD Games I've never played, games I've never finished. I never have a lot of time to play, but recently I just got the BioShock Infinite game. I've had BioShock 1 & 2 for a while, but I never beat 1 even though I loved it (I know what happens at the end) and I never stopped to download 2 because it came with 1 as a digital copy. I picked up Infinite while I was at a friends house on her PlayStation after I brought it when I went to visit her. Played for 5 hours and loved it so much that I went home and played the first 5 hours all over again immediately. Been a long time since I had that much fun in a game like that. I beat the tar out of it (played it on hard mode cuz I guess I was just in the mood when I set the difficulty) and now I'm trying to beat the extra hard mode while plaing BioShock 2 at the same time. Very different games, but both fun in their own ways. But to me Infinite is far the superior game. It just feels SO GOOD to play.
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