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  • Okay, here is the images:
    Good for you that your computer is fixed :D. I will get angry if my brother called me a Dickhead too
    Oh yeah it's fixed. In a very bad mood all because of my brother. Hope he goes back to camp early today. Can't stand to see him calling me a dickhead.
    Learning about music is neat too i love music and regarding the avatar you can send me the picture later it is ok :D. Hope your PC get fixed soon.
    Music teaching to be exact.
    About the avatar thing, I'll give you the pictures a few days, 'kay? Since I'm not using my own PC, mine went bonkers, and I'm in a foul mood all because of it with my family.
    Are you going to study in Polytechinc or Junior Collegue?
    Me i am 22 years old this year XD currently working while applying to go into university the result should be coming out soon hope i would be able to further study.
    Not really, since school starts in July. How old are you?
    I'll give you the pictures in just a minute.
    I could make a signature for you if you want too :D
    Are you able to give me a link to a picture of Aqua or Ven and Mickey together that you want?
    Are you currently schooling?
    You can only make avatars? If possible, can you make signatures too?

    Well, the avatar must have my name on it, with either Aqua or Ven and Mickey together. Either one is fine.
    Yea i do agree it is so hot when i walk out for lunch too XD. I am chinese too :D and i live in Serangoon.
    I see that you are looking for people to help you make avatar and signature if you want i could make it for you :D just provide me the picture you want for your avatar and signature and what wording you want on it.
    I am from Singapore too :D
    Sorry for the late reply didnt see your message XD
    It is sunny today though and i do love the rain it is kind of hot these few days :|
    jean, I am so sorry but my security on my computer had to erase my christmas fan fiction cause it became corrupted. :(
    The fanfiction section of the site is where i'll post it, I already have a 358/2 days fan fiction there. And yeah I can probably get you a rough draft by tonight.
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