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Recent content by HugoDipper

  1. HugoDipper

    in your opinion, what are the best and worst things about the original kingdom hearts?

    Best: The amazing creative effort of Disney and Square-Enix that made this game magical in it's presentation, story, music, characters and gameplay. It's one of my favorite games ever, the story of Sora, Donald and Goofy as they travel trought various worlds is beautiful and full of wonder in...
  2. HugoDipper

    Final Fantasy 1 is free in the Final Fantasy Portal App.

    Hey! I don't know if you guys know but there is a new app from Square-Enix for Android and iOS where you can see all the news from the Final Fantasy series like videos, annoucemens and even be able to play a new version Triple Triad. The most important is that you can grab a free copy of Final...
  3. HugoDipper

    Dose any body realy hate Re:coded

    The story is fun and the gameplay is amazing! Some people dislike Re:Coded but don't understand the fun of the game, it's a retelling of the first Kingdom Hearts story wth some twists and inovative sections of gameplay. Who can't forget to battle Maleficent in a 2D side-scroller stage, the...
  4. HugoDipper

    News ► Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories The Novel Cover Art Revealed!

    Wow! I have ordered the first KH novel but it will take some weeks to be delived where I live after I read the first novel I have already a new novel to order hehe.
  5. HugoDipper

    What got you into the Kingdom Hearts series?

    I saw a game review of Kingdom Hearts I in websites and got really excited for the gameplay, the combination of Final Fantasy and Disney and everthing about the game looked awesome, it took some years for me to have the chance to play Kingdom Hearts and I started with Kingdom Hearts Chain of...
  6. HugoDipper

    Deep Jungle

    We can hope that they do The Jungle Book that would be a nice substituition for Tarzan :)
  7. HugoDipper

    Deep Jungle

    I liked Deep Jungle, nice athmosphere, music, Heartless designs and most of all the story presented about ecology and friendship, but maybe in the future they will revisit this world, we don't know Disney future plans for getting into the Tarzan universe again. It's nice to see good feedback on...
  8. HugoDipper

    A Keyblade from the World of Samba

    Hello Keyblade wielders! My name is Hugo and I'm a Keyblade wielder from the World of Samba!(Cof...Cof...Brazil...Cof...Cof) In my freetime I enjoy watching cartoons and movies, travel, hangout with my friends at the karaoke or the park and study languages which I'm absolutely fanatic, when...