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  • Yeah, they're are awesome. I've been wanting some for a while and I got them about two weeks ago. They are SO great! I'm hoping for a bigger set for Christmas. I've got the 48 set now.
    Sorry, I know I can really ramble when it comes to art. XP
    That's ok. I haven't been on much either... life's been hecktic
    yeah, that's true.
    I'm really hoping I get prismacolor pencils. I hear their the best. I have a few of them, but I want MORE! lol
    There's a lot of stuff out there I never knew was there until I looked. xD
    yeah, it did get a little crazy lol. They DO make special mechanical pencils, but I use regular ones. The ones that have special hardness have the wood.
    ...I try to get good materials, but a lot of it is WAY expensive. So I can only get it on holidays and stuff like that. =/
    I like mechanical pencils for drawing usually. I haven't used a normal pencil in forever! I like them because they stay sharp. I also have those "special" hardness ones. Like the 2b b2 ones. I use those a lot to
    Well, since this is the 2nd (bad) sun burn it just took 2 days to be back to normal... a few shades darker I might add! lol But I'm so pale, it takes me AGES to get a decent tan lol

    I was shopping with my mamaw too! lol I cant stand to see that big blue cardboard box in the middle of the isle. You can't help but dread it.
    lol, sunscreen would have been a good idea. I kinda forgot that whole re-aply concept. At least now I might get some sort of tan! lol
    yuk! school. I was walking through walmart yesterday and saw school supplies. I always hate this part of summer! When it is coming to an end...
    oh well, what can you do?
    yep! I'm 900 miles away from home seeing my fam for the summer. XD I'm having fun so far.
    Other than that I got a really bad sun burn lol. spent sat at the lake! Fun! ^.^
    I agree, trying to get someone to understand you is a lot more complicated then resolving an issue. Then, there are the surcumstances when they are one in the same.....
    btw, demmy said she would like to talk with you... you can read the message over, its on my page
    aww... its sad fighting with friends, huh? I know I hate it. But I'm glad we can still be friends. :)
    sure, I'll tell her for you!

    Do I know you?

    Hmm. Mind reminding me?

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