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  • marriage originally wasn't by a judge and paperwork, it was all done by the priest and there was no paperwork. the priest married them to show that in god's view they were together.

    people can get married without any of these papers, it just wont be recognized by the country the person is. but i bet i'm just rambling now....
    like how it started, you're only looking at the legal procedures and the motives of others more than the decision between the two getting married and when it actually started
    you're only jusging marraige for what it is today, not for what it is in general.

    you probably seen it happen so you believe that's what marriage is mainly about.
    i noticed you said you didn't know how to work spoiler tags :3 here's a heads up:
    there are two kinds, the ones that make black bars that you highlight to reveal
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    marriage doesn't have to foolow law, if i dedicate myself to someone until i die, i guess in mymind is considered true marriage.
    when one dedicates to another for the rest of their lives is what is ee as a true marraige. sure the marriage system works in most places like here in the US and europe and well other places.... but that doesn't mean all places do it the way most people do.

    marriage may change definitions as we time passes but, at the same time it doesn't mean that the whole world suddenly changes it's view on it, just most areas. as long as some part of the world still believes in true marriage, then it exists.

    i believe in true marriage.
    but you're judging the entire world. maybe you;re right about those people. maybe those people didn't really hae a true marriage, but that doesn't mean marriage does not exis tin the world.

    not believing in marriage, and believing no one will ever have a true marriage is completely different
    marriage is marriage...if times change what it is so does the definition. but you can't take a small group of people's word.

    it's kind of like saying you're gay, when it use to mean happy, and now it doesn't. the word is still used
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