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    About the age of Sora in KH4

    Sora was 15 years old at KH3. It didn't seem like much time had passed from KH2 to KH3.
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    About the age of Sora in KH4

    KH4 Sora's hair is growing and her hairstyle has changed, so should I think he's grown to 16 in the course of a year? However, on the other hand, Strelitzia's remark that "He was sleeping for seven days" also bothers me. It's been a year in the original world, but has Sora's physical age at...
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    Spoilers ► Actions of Lauriam & Elrena in future games

    Good prediction. I also hope that one of these two events will happen.
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    Spoilers ► Actions of Lauriam & Elrena in future games

    Do you remember KH3 epilogue ?  A cutscene that young Eraqus and young xehanort were playing chess. Eraqus said ”I heard about this new game." and seven black pieces appear there. As most people think, these suggest the Foretellers or Seven Primitive Darkness that will be the main adversaries...
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    Spoilers ► Actions of Lauriam & Elrena in future games

    This couple that once disappeared as rebels of Organization13 but will return as good ancient keybladers in future games. What do you think they will do in future games? Ventus and Skuld (probably Subject X) are also characters that have been time-traveled from the past to present. Ventus has...
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    The Problem with the Master of Masters' Identity Theories

    I also suspect all the lost masters and darkness, including MoM, are the KH equivalent of fallen angels / archdevils. Each has an aspect that makes you imagine the archangel and the seven deadly sins, the archdevil. MoM : Humility ⇔ Pride = Lucifer (unchanged) Ira : Patience ⇔ Wrath = Michael...
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    [Theory] The meaning of the 7 black pieces in the epilogue of KH3 and how it might play in the next saga.

    I think they do not separate, but fuse like Ventus=Vanitas in BBS. As you say, MoM plans to separate the darkness from the disciples, but before the separation, the darkness will take the initiative and fuse in the form of taking over the body. Alternatively, the separation will be successful...
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    Leaked KH4 and KHUX for PC

    CGI series won't come. Because it's just a rumor with weak grounds, and there's no merit in doing that. There is no need for KH, which is already a game series with beautiful video expression, to bother to create an independent video work series.
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    My theory, What happen to Ava?

    Excuse me, but.......what do you think about the fact that Kairi's and Ava's voice actors are different people?
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    Dark Road ► Master Odin’s eye

    This is a fake image. It's a fan made no matter how you look at it. The source is also uncertain.
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    KHUX ► [Theory] New forms of Darkness

    Perhaps, I think next main villains will be only seven(MoM&Foretellers, or 7 higher-rank darkness) Because the content that 13 darkness is an adversaries has already been done in KH3. I think the remaining five weak darknesses, excluding Vanitas, were probably wiped out in Ux, DR, or 3. Lost...
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    KH characters power level tier list

    Nope. In the case of this list, he isn't Luxu. I just placed him as a Xigbar/Braig(doesn't have keyblade). If you consider him as Xigbar, he should be placed at a very low level in this list. In fact, he was stomped by Xion with a single blow in 358. Therefore, Xig is at least weaker than her...
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    KH characters power level tier list

    Thank you for your reply! Honestly, It was so hard to decide rank about Xion, because she was final boss character in 358, and she become very powerful boss character in Remind. However, As far as I could see the cutscenes and depictions in KH3, I thought this position is appropriate.
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    KH characters power level tier list

    Just in case, I add about the uncertain characters. As for MoM, It goes without saying. He is primitive keyblade wielder, and primitive keyblade master. It is almost certain that he is stronger than any keyblade wielders, including the Foretellers. As for Foretellers, They are also known as...