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  • Well hers was definitely the saddest. It made kinda sad. And that's not easy to do. haha.
    What didn't you like about days?
    Same here. But I might play just so I can be caught up on all the Square games.
    So who's story in BBS did you like the most?
    No I haven't, but I've always been interested in it so I'm thinking about buying it for iPhone. Not sure if it will be as good of an experience on iPhone though.
    Yup. I thinks it's worth getting the HD cutscenes and playing KH1 in KH2 command style. In the same boat with the college thing. Haha.
    Sucks you have to leave your brother though.
    So aside from KH, what else do you play? Final Fantasy, Skyrim, Oblivion, Resident Evil...ect?
    Only ones I've played. Not much of a gamer...
    Same. BBS is my favorite. I didn't mind Day's story but the game play was awful. 3D was pretty good though.
    How come you haven't played it? No 3DS?
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