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  • How right you are.

    It's reaching the point to where you have to think everything anyone ever does is okay, otherwise you're "intolerant" and a bigoted jerk....I predict in 10 years everyone will simply accept child molestation, beastiality and incest the most acceptable behavior ever. From what I heard, not sure if it's correct though, apparently Obama is going to grant children the ability to sue their parents. That's ridiculous.

    And I don't know about you, but I tend to find religious people, regardless of beliefs, more pleasant to be around than atheists. Atheists are almost always bitter in my experience, if not themselves, towards others.
    Oh that would be interesting to read.
    There are a lot of interesting exorcism stories, or stories about demons, etc.
    Even though there are a lot of them, people still think that it either doesn't happen, or when it does, everyone involved is delusional or insane. lol.
    My church has some people who used to be Wiccans or part of the Occult.
    If I am to believe their testimonies, it is very hard to shake off demons and malevolent spirits once you've invited their presence. They had no idea how much of a grip Satan had on them until God freed them when they became a Christian.

    It's funny, it reminds me of a quote I once heard.
    "The greatest trick Satan ever played was when he convinced humanity that he doesn't exist"
    If you're a Christian like me, it's probably because the Bible describes all this stuff as being derived from Satan and demons. Christians, even though they can't be harmed by any of that, probably sense that kind of demonic inspiration.
    Hey, I'm back. I've been gone since last Friday, and it's kind of a long story. PM me if you wanna know, 'kay???
    Is that with the 'c' sounding like a 'k' or an 's'???

    <sorry, I'm a very curious person>
    Random question: you posted on my Wicca/Witchcraft thread, and I was wondering: how do you pronounce your user name???
    Hey, can you cut a stock real quick for me?
    I'll rep you or something.
    I still don't understand how that person filled in those lines. Every time I tree to fill a path, it fills almost the whole tag.
    Well, I usually just select the basic "pentool" and click two points. Then, I add an anchor point somewhere along the line, and curve it using that.
    Hey fal. I was wondering if you could help me out with a little photoshop 'problem'.

    Well, it's not really a problem, just something basic I should know how to do, but don't.

    How do you set a color to be transparent? I recently started to work with wireframe C4Ds, but I can't use them because I don't know how to take away the white bg.

    Thanks a lot fal.

    I'm also trying to use this:


    tut, and I have no idea how to do any of that pentooling. I know how to draw basic lines, but that's about as far as my pentooling knowledge goes.
    Seeing as how the main header reading "religious bashing will not be tolerated" unintelligent arguments pretty much don't exist there. Knowing that things for the most part are clean and fair; just how things should be. Yup, we should definitely dot that again ;D
    Before I leave for the night I have to say that you were fun debating against in the thread tonight. Most fun I have around here in days :D
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