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    Dual_Wielder's Pieces

    There a few things i'd like to show you :P So here it goes. My Kitten Ingus Clickie This would be a photo took of my kitten Ingus, i thought I took it well xD I'm quite proud, it took me ages for him to look like that, it was the first time he was let out to explore the house. Utada Hikaru...
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    I'm Back

    Okay, so I took a break from my second come-back for various reasons, although now I am back, but I won't be on as often as I was before since I'm studying for my A-Levels and would rather like A's and B's XD Anyway if anyone remember who I am, hello and for those who don't HEEEEEEEEEEEY.
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    I am back!

    lol XD I doubt any of you remember me but I am back anyway XD I've been gone for more than a year I think XD Last time I logged in was 2007 or 2006 xD sheeesh, I remembered I had an account so I decided to log back on XD :thumbsup: Oh well seems the site has improved and such xD I used to go...
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    Vote for Final Fantasy!

    Hey, I was just skimming the GameFAQs site and the poll today is FINAL FANTASY! So vote for it here really your choice. it is FF against Megaman
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    Battle Royal: The UK Trial

    Well this is not my fan fiction, but my friends, he asked for it to be put on here, so here it is!!!!! He wants reviews aswell. If you are wandering, all these people in this fan fic are real, they know me and my friend, so yer, and the background story on these characters are what has happened...
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    Looking for clan

    Well technically this couldn't hurt to try. Well i am looking for a clan. lol =D I haven't made any new sig currently but most of my best artworks are here:
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    Final Fantasy XI

    i know this may seem stupid enough anyway i was thinking of buying Final Fantasy XI, it isd £14.99 here witht he expansion packs, but i dunno if i should get it! is it good for my money, will i get bored of it, of yes make a reason, if no reason please.
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    Hey i need help on a certain bit on Breath of Fire III for the PSP. I am at the point where i have to enter The Contest of Champions, and every time i go the the Hall of Fame i keep dying! O.o Ryu: Level 12 Nina: Level 11 Momo: Level 11 i don't even have the Bat Amulet which i know that...
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    Frost Works Assignement 8

    Frost Works Assignment 8 Right okay, i thought long and hard about this and came up with something that everybody likes. MUSIC!!! Basically you have to do a sig that has something to do with music, e.g. instruments, notes, staves, artists, albums etc.. it can be from olden days are modern...
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    Limewire 4.10.5

    Okay i have this problem, Limewire 4.10.5 is all great and all, and it quite good, but always when i connect, it always stays at 1/5 of connection quality, and the downloading speed is always either at 1 or 2 kbps, never goes past it, what i want to know it why is it like this? beforw it didn't...
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    should i buy?

    okay, i want to know this, i have enough money to buy a PSP and ned to save up at least £50 to get a laptop i want a laptop because my computer is pretty crap and slow, and i want a psp but i dunno which one to get, please help me!
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    Frost Works Assignment 4

    This weeks assingment is as follows: Theme: Something what you think makes christmas sepcial to you for example, the presents, or santa claus, or the snow, or family time together Deadline: since it is nearly christmas, i'll give you until 1 January 2006! (1/01/06 or 01/1/06) Animation: your...
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    some screens from the new trailer i took

    these are some screen i took which went fast so it was hard to get to see. The place from deep dive/asas Sora and Kairi finally meet, there is...
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    i know this sounds silly but what is that tune/music they use in all of the KH 2 videos, like the recent one? I AM DIEING TO KNOW! I NEED TO KNOW!
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    okay i didn't know where to put this so i stuck it here. Okay i am having trouble with my website and have ditched it because i didn't know what to do. Does anyone want a staff? i know excellent HTML. So if anyone does, PM me and i will reply, thnx dual_wielder